Interview with Hemp Leaders and Advocates around the World – Episode 8

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Hemp Education, Advocacy, and Business in over 9 Countries with Ramon Granados.

Join us for a talk with Ramon Granados, Founder and CEO of Hemp Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and many other hemp organizations and initiatives. Catch his full bio below. 

As you will hear, Ramon is one of the most passionate hemp leaders bringing together countries and communities into realizing the fullest potential of hemp.

“…in my mind we need to build cities made out of hemp, we need to energize the whole for change from the architects to the engineers..”

“From an engineering perspective I see hemp as a technological grace, because everywhere it grows, everywhere on the planet, every region, everybody with the proper technology could be able to transform the plant into something..”

“To the politicians, let’s change the law. To the people that can bring money to the table, let’s talk. And to the people that can actually help us, let’s rock and roll!”

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About Ramon Granados

Ramon holds a Civil Engineering & Environmental Degree from Florida Institute of Technology, USA, 1985, and has a formal hands-on career development in Planning & Project Controls Engineering and Project Management with over thirty years of experience delivering, EPCM, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning projects- over $6 Billion projects.

In the last years, Ramon has been working in the Industrial Hemp business. He has founded and co-founded; 

Hemp Engineering, Pty Ltd.

Biomass Engineering Pty Ltd and

Green Tigers Journal Pty Ltd.

He is the Advisor Board Member at Global Fiber Solutions, Project Director at The World Hemp Alliance and Former Ambassador for Latin American Industrial Hemp Association to Austral Asia.

He is currently involved with Hemp Home Building, Plastic, Textile, and Batteries projects in Malaysia, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Canada, USA, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, and Australia.

He was part of the team that organised and delivered the first Hemp Summit for Latin Americans in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2019.

During the COVID times, he has organised and successfully launched many online events: From The “Industrial Hemp: The Employment maker” to Hemp Home Expo, USA Hemp Home Expo, Hemp Textile Expo, and Hemp Wellness Expo. He is currently organizing a Summit for Africa, a 2nd summit in Latin America, and a Hemp Packaging Expo.

Ramon has interviewed personalities and CEO’s in the Industry with over 100 hours of recording. 

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