What’s so evil about plastic?

  • It never goes away: Travel 10,000 years in a time machine; you’ll enter a different world. Only one thing won’t change. Plastic will still be there, blocking the earth’s arteries.
  • There’s too much of it: Humans made 2.1 million tonnes in 1950. 406 million in 2015. It’s everywhere: in our homes, refrigerators, and stomachs. In our taps, ponds, lakes, and oceans.
  • It kills: Because it’s everywhere, and because it’s non-biodegradable, it’s inseparable from food chains. Not only of humans but also of every creature that eats.

It’s compostable
Hemp Plastic is easy to compost under standard industrial composting conditions, within 3 months. That’s crazy, compared to fossil-fuel-based plastic, whose hydrocarbon polymer base will remain unchanged, forever, like a subterranean bomb you would step on. Hemp bioplastic is, basically, the potion of plastic, and none of its poison.
It’s less carbon per kilo of plastic
‘Less’ is understating it. Every kilo of hemp Plastic is made of only 25-35% carbon as compared to fossil-fuel-based plastic. Imagine this: had we adopted hemp bioplastics in 1950, it would be like extracting 300 million tons fewer indestructible plastic waste from the earth’s belly today.
To compare the cost per yield of hemp bioplastic to that of fossil-fuel-based plastic is injustice. Hemp bioplastics is a nascent industry. The economies of scale are non-existent. Still, we can make cheaper plastics from hemp as feedstock (instead of corn or sugarcane). The more you buy hemp bioplastic, the cheaper it becomes.
Stronger and lighter than normal plastic
Products made from hemp bioplastics are lighter to transport. That means lower shipping costs, and fewer gallons of fuel burnt to bring them from the factory to your door. Hemp Plastics are stronger. Means more life in the same product. A winner in every way for consumers.
Abundant raw material
World governments are liberalizing hemp farming. Several already have, including the USA, Canada, and India. The result: we have enough farms growing industrial hemp, which is the biomass we can then change into bioplastic.
It works
Nobody thought we’d make hemp garments, textiles, stationery, and food. We’ve done that. And that’s only the beginning. Mere proof of concept. Even car parts can be made from hemp bioplastics. The material has all the magic of plastic, minus the curse of immortality.

Because you need a mature Bio-Degradable hemp plastic wholesaler, Supplier and manufacturer. In Uttarakhand, the cultivation of industrial hemp was legalized in December 2016. We started in the same month. We made our first batch of sale-ready bioplastic in 2020. When you work with Ukhi, you work with one of the few brands that have been in the industry since its birth. Because in India, affordability and quality can co-exist: There’s hemp, and then there’s Himalayan hemp. The Himalayas and hemp are inseparable, like sun and warmth. Fertilizers are unnecessary in the Himalayan soil. Our hemp yields are the envy of growers who can’t access the coveted acreage of Uttarakhand’s remote villages. Splendid hemp lets us make splendid Bio-Degradable hemp plastic. Not just splendid, it’s affordably splendid. More hemp, less PLA. Understand this. Anybody can make bioplastic from hemp. Few can make bioplastics that are majorly hemp. After trying 25+ formulations in our labs, we found a stable mix of 85% hemp and 15% PLA. That’s way better than the usual 70% hemp compostable bioplastics you’d find elsewhere. Every kilo of Ukhi Sustainable bioplastic gives you 20% more hemp.

We do Sustainable Hemp Plastic and lots more. Ukhi isn’t about making a profit from hemp. My team is about building a better planet from hemp. Within 5 years, Ukhi has become a name that echoes in the boardrooms of our competitors, homes of our customers, and hearts of our farmers. When you shake hands with Ukhi, you shake hands with a force that believes in the future of the planet. No minimum order quantity. You can only judge our hemp plastics Granules and hemp plastic Bag quality by experience. You don’t need to buy 100 kilos if you only need 20. Our logistics network is expanding and getting more flexible every week. Tell us how much you need in your first consignment, and we’ll do our best to honor the smallest quantity we can. Experiment first before you order bulk hemp bioplastics. Anxiety-proof shipping. Even if Gods were to offer you hemp from their back gardens, you’d have to question them: how will you ship it to my agents in the USA, UK, Australia, Russia? Let the gods do their job and let Ukhi deliver the goodness of Compostable hemp Plastic made from organic hemp. We can deliver a consignment within 15 days, any place on Earth. Plastic’s convenience is addictive. Plastic is a magic material: formable, impermeable, light-weight, can be colored. When our grandfathers distilled crude oil and got plastic out of it, our fate was sealed. We got a world choking on plastic. Twenty years from now, your children will look back. What you decide today, will decide what they’ll say in 2040. Choose Sustainable hemp plastic today, so your children will remember you for having made the right choice when the last chance presented itself.