Campaign in Bhunal Gaon

Date: 29th November 2019

Bhunal is a picturesque village in Uttarakhand, which is sadly grappling with economic and social miseries. Vishal Vivek and Jaspreet Singh, Co-founders of Hemp Foundation, collaborated with the village’s representatives and organized an educational and support session for women in the village.

Vishal interacted with women from Bhunal village and had them share the core problems they faced in managing their agricultural work. The interaction soon revealed many systemic problems that were keeping these hard-working and industrious women from reaping the fruits of their labor.

Limited knowledge of agro-economics meant that these women did not know how to use their fields to optimize their yield and potential profit. Many of these women admitted that some of the crops they were growing did not give them more than 5% ROI.

These women expressed their ambitions for leading a better life and empowering their children to undertake quality education. Vishal and his team explained to them how industrial hemp farming could prove to be a single solution to all their agricultural failures.

Educating them about the opportunities created by Uttarakhand government’s decision to legalize industrial hemp farming in the state, Vishal assured Bhunal’s women that they could depend on Hemp Foundation to learn how to grow industrial hemp in a legal and sustainable manner.

Bhunal is just one of the many villages in rural Uttarakhand where Hemp Foundation is spreading awareness about the opportunities offered by hemp farming. We’re committed to our goal of helping farmers and women in rural Uttarakhand to be a part of the hemp revolution.