Seed Genetics as a gateway to the Hemp Industry with Hana Gabrielová – Episode 16

Hana Gabrielova

Learn what it takes to start farming industrial hemp; what genetics are best for your environment and purpose. What do all farmers need to consider before starting to grow that is essential for success? 

Listen in as we speak with Hana Gabrielová from Hempoint. Hana has years of experience in hemp seed genetics and has advised many hemp farmers in best practices in order to be successful. 

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About Hana Gabrielová

Hana Gabrielová is a 20-year veteran within the hemp and cannabis industry. During Hana’s career she has experienced a wide range of EU and international cannabis policy work, NGO education work, and for-profit organisations. Her company Hempoint, founded in 2010, farms and processes organic hemp, as well as producing and distributing a variety of hemp food and animal feed products. Hempoint is heavily engaged in distribution of EU registered hemp seed varieties internationally and provides consulting for farmers, companies and stakeholders. Hempoint provides a vehicle for policy work with various non-profit organisations and the publishing of the UN book Cannabis and Sustainable development. Since 2018 Hana has been president of the CzecHemp cluster which is the leading association involved in the strategy of hemp and cannabis policy development in the Czech Republic. In early 2022 Hana co-founded the new company KonopiUS to support the US farmers with high quality fibre and grain seeds from EU.

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