What’s In The Production of Quality Organic CBD & CBG? – Featuring President of Kentucky Heritage Hemp – Alice Peterson (Episode 19)

Alice is an exceptional leader in the hemp space with Kentucky Heritage Hemp. KHH has gone above and beyond to lead the industry with top notch and quality CBD for brands such as Charlotte’s Web. 

Listen in as we learn more about regenerative agriculture and what it takes to lead with stellar and respectable business practices in the cannabis space. 

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About the Speaker:

Alice is the President of Kentucky Heritage Hemp, the premier provider of 100% USDA certified organic CBD and other hemp products. KHH extracts CBD and CBG from organic hemp plants and creates top-of-the-line extract, distillate, isolate and custom blends. The company’s laboratory is cGMP and kosher certified. Kentucky Heritage Hemp’s bulk wholesale ingredients are used by the world’s most exacting consumer brands for capsules, tinctures, drinks, edibles and topicals. 

After starting her career in large public companies (PepsiCo, Kraft, Sears), Peterson shifted to high-growth businesses.  Her early focus was finance and M&A before moving to operating roles.  She ran the Treasury and Corporate Finance functions at Sears during the company’s restructuring (mid-1990s), and was asked to lead the Sears Online business in 1999; she grew it from zero to $500 million in 18 months.  

She left the Fortune 100 world and in 2002 founded Syrus Global.  Syrus created a technology platform to provide risk management, ethics and compliance solutions for businesses large and small. This service became a core service for businesses focused on Environmental Social and Governance (ESG).  Syrus was acquired by a public company in 2009.  She stayed with the acquiring company through 2011 to open and grow markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Peterson is the founder and principal of The Loretto Group, which helped businesses achieve sustainable profitability, operational scaling, and winning cultures.  This built on a prior role as Executive Vice President of Operations for Fluresh, a cannabis grower, processor, manufacturer, and retailer in Michigan.  There, she was responsible for bringing together the people, processes, and systems to build velocity into the core business model.  

Prior to joining Fluresh, Ms. Peterson ran a healthcare start-up where she operationalized the founder’s concept, raised capital, and enhanced the user experience.  She had previously worked in private equity, where she bought, turned around, and sold companies with her partners.  She started and ran Big Shoulders Capital, an asset-based lender.  

Alice Peterson has served on the boards of large and small, public and private companies, for more than 20 years.  Public company boards include 360 Communications, Fleming Companies, TBC Corporation, Hanesbrands, and Williams Partners.  She currently serves on the board of SP Plus Corporation (NASDAQ) and chairs its Audit Committee.  She is a qualified financial expert.

She is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago, The Chicago Network, and the International Women’s Forum.  She holds an MBA in finance from Vanderbilt University.

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