Interview with Hemp Leaders and Advocates around the World – Episode 7

Hemp Talk

Efficient Hemp Processing from a Visionary, Scientist, and Engineer- Clayton Turner

Learn Hemp Industry insights from top Hemp Leaders and advocates from around the world.  Hosted by Hemp Foundation TALKS with Rebecca Spain.  

In Episode 7 we meet Clayton Turner, a hemp scientist and engineer who is stirring things up in the hemp space. Clayton has taken a truly holistic approach to the benefits of the hemp plant via cannabis extraction methods, efficient use of energy systems, carbon capturing, and much more. 

In Video 1 we learn more about Clayton and his journey into the hemp space as well as unpack his brilliant cannabis extraction method. 

Audio Podcast :–Part-1-of-3–Best-Organic-Hemp-Extraction-Method-for-Targeted-Response-e1fi5rf  

In Video 2 we cover topics such as hempcrete issues, biochar capabilities, and on demand energy systems that maximize processing efficiency. 

Audio podcast:–Efficient-Processing-of-Entire-Hemp-Plant-e1fikml

In Video 3 Clayton addresses hemp bioplastics, and efforts to reward hemp farmers through carbon credits and the The Hemp Blockchain.


About Clayton Turner

Clayton Turner is an entrepreneur and scientist in the Cannabis and Hemp space. He is a Co-founder of Rainier Distillers, Washington State Enterprises, Bio smart Research, Hplc Solutions, Search and Rescue ,  Pack where Electric Vehicle Modules, was Visionary of Santa Fe Farms until this January, and is a Co-founder of the Hemp Blockchain. 

Clayton has worked for a decade in medical cannabinoid isolation, carbon sequestration, engineering industrial systems, extraction, fiber processing, carbon products, pyrolysis, and blockchain. 

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