Interview with Hemp Leaders and Advocate around the World – Episode 5

Hemp Talk

Hemp Talk with Heather Rubiales- Environmental Activist and Pioneer in Hemp Bioplastic Solutions

Learn Hemp Industry insights from top Hemp Leaders and advocates from around the world.  Hosted by Hemp Foundation TALKS with Rebecca Spain.  

In today’s episode we get the pleasure of speaking with Heather Rubiales, Founder of Heather’s Hemp Alternatives. Heather is an environmental activist and pioneer in the hemp bioplastic space.

Heather shares solutions that can overcome plastic pollution with hemp-based biodegradable packaging, with the ability to be backyard compostable.

See Heather’s hemp bioplastic samples up close and learn more about Heather’s Hemp Alternatives future innovations of 100% hemp packaging.   

About Rubiales

Heather Rubiales is the visionary behind Heather’s Hemp Alternatives. She has worked closely within the Cannabis industry since 2009, gaining expertise in cultivation and distribution. Heather is a lifetime environmentalist, receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources Management. During college was when she dived deep into the industrial Hemp plant and gained knowledge of all of its uses and the potential for great environmental change for our world. She’s especially passionate about tackling plastic pollution and why she created her Hemp bioplastic startup to ignite real change within the Hemp & Cannabis industry surrounding the plastic waste issue.

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