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Toxic Clothing: A HUGE Problem for Us and The Planet

Is Your Clothing Toxic? An Exploration  Our clothes are not 100% fiber. Almost every textile [...]

Low hemp GHG emissions can actually help fashion brands meet their net-zero target

In 2018, under the auspices of UN Climate Change, fashion stakeholders came together to identify [...]

Your Cotton Cloth May Have Destroyed a Poor Family. Let’s Push The World Together to Make Better Choices.

Can Hemp Fabric Undo The Mess of Cotton Farming? “Cotton is a sustainable fiber.” “Sustainable [...]

How GM Seeds Damage the Environment

Generically Modified Seeds – Your environment’s death-sentence? Source While many are pleased with this invention, [...]

How to tackle the greenhouse gas problem of textiles?

You must already be aware of ‘carbon footprint.’ And like the rest of us, you [...]