Move Over Meat: Hemp Protein Powder Is Way Alternative


Hemp protein powder is a better alternative to meat protein. Vegan-friendly and safer, it can help you achieve your all-around fitness goals while doing social good. Read on to know more.

The building blocks of our bodies.
The handyman who does all the tissue repairing.
The oxygenating agent.
The digestion booster.
The hormone regulator.

Well, all these are just some of the roles that proteins play in our body.

Recovering from an injury? Get more proteins to speed up the process.
Want to reduce muscle loss? Proteins will help.
Looking forward to building lean muscle? Protein will get you results.
Cannot maintain healthy body weight? Protein will be your problem solver.
Searching for ways to curb hunger? Up your protein intake and watch it happen.

A protein-rich diet is good for pretty much everyone.

But bodybuilders, gym-goers, and athletes seem to have a special affinity towards it. So, talks about protein powders and dietary supplements rich in protein are often heard in their circles.

A burning question, however, is – what’s the best source of protein?

The ‘meat is great’ camp is often heard cheering for chicken and beef.

But the others often wonder:

Is meat really great?
Does it have no side effects?
Is the meat ethically sourced?
Are you indirectly indulging in animal abuse to get your daily dose of protein?

And above all this, if not meat, then what?

Plant-based proteins

But plant-based proteins can never compete with meat protein.

Wrong. Several studies and researches have shown and proved that hemp protein is, in fact, an overall better option than meat protein.

Feeling riddled with questions about hemp, right?
Want to know how it actually stacks up against meat?

Read on to find out.

Hemp Has More Protein Than Beef and Chicken



When you think of meat protein, beef, and chicken are the top things that come to your mind, right?
They are both good.

But hemp protein powder is better. In more ways than one.

100 grams of beef would give you roughly 25 grams of protein. For hemp protein powder, the figure is over 33 grams.

That’s 32% more.

So what? I could eat more than 100 grams of meat. That’s doable.

Of course, it is. But do you really want that?

Beef contains 7.3 grams of saturated fat per 100 grams. Hemp seeds? 37% less than that.
Also, with every 100 grams of beef you consume, you are also taking in 88mgs of cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol you intake with hemp protein powder is non-significant, as per studies.

So you can surely increase your beef intake to match the levels of hemp protein powder. But that would be a move in the opposite direction from your goal of healthy living.

And did you read the study that suggested red meat could be kidney toxic? It can cause chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Now, let’s come to the other meat protein – chicken.

Mac and cheese sound delicious, right? And your brain tricks you into eating that by reasoning it has got proteins.

Well, the impact cheese has on your body more than offsets what good is done by the meat protein from chicken.

But even if you aren’t having mac and cheese and prefer healthy preparations, hemp protein powder beats the chicken to bits.

A five-ounce chicken breast provides an average of 27 grams of protein. It’s a fair quantity. If you were to consume the same amount, that is five ounces, of hemp seeds, you’d be getting 36.6 grams of protein. This would also help you evenly distribute your protein intake across all meals.

If you consume 100 grams of hemp protein powder, that too will give you well over 30 grams of protein.

So you can skip the thawing, seasoning, and cooking efforts that go into preparing chicken. And you’d still get more protein with hemp protein powder.

So not just is hemp protein powder better than meat, it is also easier to consume.

And yes, don’t forget about the dollar bills you’d be saving with it. Meat is by no means cheap. But a bulk purchase of hemp protein means savings galore.

It Is About More Than Just Protein

So you see how hemp protein powder is the best way to up your protein intake?

Well, the benefits don’t end just yet.

You need more than just protein for good health, isn’t it?
Hemp protein powder delivers on those grounds too.

It is a highly potent source of fiber, for example.

Women should consume 25 grams of fiber each day. For men, it is 38 grams.
Do you meet this basic requirement?
Probably not.

Well, your hemp protein powder can help bridge that gap. One-fourth cup of hemp protein powder, which’s about 30 grams, has 7 to 8 grams of fiber. Thus, you are also fulfilling around 18 to 28% of your recommended daily intake with hemp protein powder.

Good fiber intake will also keep you feeling full for longer. So no random bouts of hunger and a managed weight.

Another good thing about hemp protein powder is that it retains around 10% of its original fat content even after it is pressed.

I don’t need fat. It is unhealthy, right?

No. Hemp seeds contain omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the ideal 3:1 ratio. That’s the most balanced intake of fats for you. It is linked with better heart health and even lowers the risk of chronic conditions like cancer.

Looking for ways to add heart-healthy unsaturated fats to your dietary intake? Hemp protein powder has got you covered.

Note: Because hemp protein powder contains fats, it may go rancid if not stored properly. Once you open the pack, keep it in the refrigerator to make sure it lasts for its entire lifetime (about 12 months).

Hemp seeds also contain lignanamides, a compound with rich antioxidant properties, which keeps heart diseases and diabetes at bay.

Other minerals that hemp contains include:


  • Copper,
  • Calcium,
  • Zinc,
  • Phosphorus,
  • Magnesium, and
  • Manganese.

Did you know one serving of hemp protein powder can provide for 80% of recommended daily intake of magnesium?
It also provides around 52% of recommended daily intake of iron per serving.

It’s not just a protein powder but the key to overall good health.

Hemp Protein Powder is Tasty

Why choose between a healthy body and happy taste buds when you can have both?

You can develop a taste for protein powders with prolonger use. You could even get used to consuming meat.

Constantly telling yourself – it is good for my body – also helps.

But with hemp protein powder, that’s not necessary.

The earthy, nutty, and grassy taste is something that you’ll start looking forward to each day. A happy body and happier taste buds.

The gritty taste isn’t as per my liking. What do I do?

Because hemp protein powder is less refined than other plant proteins, it does have a grittier taster. Not a fan? Try it with additional ingredients. Smoothies and shakes are likely to help you overcome that. Hemp protein powder blends perfectly with these preparations.

Hemp Protein Powder is Good For Everyone

A couple of animal studies have proven that hemp protein powder is safe for consumption by pregnant and lactating women. Also, those with anemia and poor immunity can have it.

However, I suggest you consult your physician or medical care provider before consuming hemp protein powder in these conditions.

Hemp Protein Powder Is Legal and Accessible

Hemp is a part of the cannabis Sativa family. And a more popular member of the family, marijuana has tarnished the name of all others too.

But unlike marijuana, hemp doesn’t have a high THC content. THC is what causes the mind-altering impact and produces a high. Hemp has only 0.3% THC.

And that’s why hemp and hemp protein powder are both legal for use.

Will it interfere with my urine drug test?

Absolutely not. Whether you are an athlete or you have regular drug tests for work purposes, consuming 300 gms of hemp seeds won’t interfere. This leaves no chance for the hemp protein powder to cause any trouble.

But where will I find hemp protein powder?

Everywhere. In supermarkets, health product stores, and even online. Hemp protein powder is not just legal but easily accessible too.

Can’t seem to find it near you? We’ve got you covered. Hemp Foundation offers protein powder made from Himalayan hemp. And we will deliver as little as just 50 kilograms too. Want an even lesser quantity? Get in touch, and we might just be able to work things out.

And did you know, when you bulk purchase hemp protein powder from us…

Your Purchase Has A Social Impact Too

For one, you can be 100% sure that there is no involvement of animals. That’s a dream come true for vegans, vegetarians, and animal lovers, right?

No, no, please don’t consider this as a rant against non-vegetarians. What you eat is a personal preference.

And I am sure your meat is sourced ethically. No animals would have been harmed. There won’t be any involvement of hormone injections or drugs into your meat protein.

But even if all that were true (the chances are slim!), hemp protein powder would still be better.


Because you won’t just be building your body. You’d be contributing towards rebuilding a broken section of the society too.

Hemp Foundation’s hemp protein powder is legally grown in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The villages where our hemp farms are located have a unique problem.

The land is barren. Water isn’t available in abundance. Not much can be grown. But hemp grows just fine here. It is a super crop in all senses of the term.

Hemp cultivation, processing, and packaging of hemp protein powder are done by local women. This gives them a stable source of income and independence. Rural upliftment, women empowerment, and optimum utilization of natural resources are all by-products of your hemp protein powder purchase.



And then there is the environmental benefit too.

Yes, hemp is the most eco-friendly crop.

It doesn’t take too much water.
The growth life cycle is shorter (90 to 120 days).
It has a high yield per acre.
It is resistant to pests and diseases and doesn’t require high doses of fertilizers and other chemicals.

Also, hemp crops are good for the soil.
It even sequesters large amounts of carbon dioxide.

So your hemp protein powder is not just good for you, it is good for the society and environment too.

Finding The Right Hemp Protein Powder

Not all hemp protein powders are made in the same way.

Yes, the basic process is the same. Pressed hemp seeds are ground into a fine powder that is packed and shipped or sold to you. But how the hemp seeds are pressed matters too.

Studies suggest that heat-pressing hemp seeds reduce their digestibility of hemp protein by 10%. That would be counterintuitive to your goals.

So, instead of just grabbing any bottle of hemp protein powder from the aisles in your nearest supermarket, read the labels.

Does it say cold-pressed hemp seed protein powder?

No? Keep it back right there. That’s not what you need.
Yes? That’s the right pick. Cold-pressed hemp seeds will have a 91 to 98% protein digestibility. And that’s exactly what you are looking for.

Hemp Foundation also offers cold-press extracted hemp protein powders.


But I know we aren’t the only ones.

You can get hemp protein powders made from hemp grown in China or the U.S., or elsewhere too.

But you know what’s great about Hemp Foundation’s hemp protein powder?
We grow our hemp in the Indian Himalayan Region. The unrivaled richness of the Himalayan soil is what makes our hemp protein powder special.

And hey, don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve got the numbers.

100 grams of hemp grown in the U.S. has 31.6 grams of protein. Hemp seeds from China fare a bit better and offer 32.8 grams of protein per 100 grams. But the Indian hemp seeds, the ones that are used to make our protein powder, contain 33.68 grams of protein/100 grams.

What’s more, is that we give our wholesale buyers the option to choose between air or ocean freight forwarding options. Whatever suits your timeline and budget is fine by us.

So, don’t wait up anymore. Ditch the meat and get your hands on hemp protein powder. It is better, now proved.







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