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Uttrakhand is a beautiful little state in the foothills of Himalaya. Though it is unimaginably beautiful, its air unpolluted, its rivers full with water yet perennial gloom lurks in the background. Life in the hills is very tough. There are no industries, no jobs, and no infrastructure so it has seen mass migration to cities.

Nearly 2000 villages have no inhabitants as people have migrated to cities in search of jobs and opportunities

Once thriving villages are filled with old people, women and children and are dependent on Government aid or money from their family members in cities. This is creating unbalanced families and unbalanced societies.

People in the villages have left farming as animals destroy their crops or there are not irrigation facilities. A miniscule percentage of the farmers does farming but due to lack of market linkage they are not able to see their products.
80% of agricultural land is unused in these hilly districts. We want to create cottage industries around hemp and hemp products by promoting farming on these divine land which is full of nectar.

The hemp grown in this pristine land which has never used pesticide make this magical plant almost divine.

Hemp is not destroyed by animals, takes little water, does not use and pesticides, can create thousands of allied industries around its product. We don’t only train these farmers, give them know how, get them licenses but we also connect to the markets around the world.

We already have met more than 500 farmers and motivated them to resume farming by growing hemp. We try to remove their misconception about which often times is very difficult. We promise them to buy all their crops at a fair price at their place which are often very remote and these farmers have no means of transportation to travel to distant markets to sell their products. Your every purchase directly or indirectly helps us create more opportunities for these hardworking people.

These People Need Us. Join the Right Cause

Last but not the least, we are not doing anything new. These people used to grow hemp for centuries but misconception and legality made them leave their traditional crop. There is a tremendous amount of traditional knowledge present about hemp in old generation. They used to make clothing, ropes, craft, food so many things but we made them forget everything forcibly and now when the world awakens to the benefits of hemp, these older generation must be thinking what their fault was. Why did we destroy their livelihood, who will pay for the ignorance? Ignorance destroyed entire generations. We want to resettle them, rebuild these villages, and unite the families. We want beautiful cottage and allied industries. Jobs and prosperity where only sadness and loneliness prevails now.

Every single seed you buy from us has grown in the most pristine environment of earth and nurtured by pious and pure rivers like Ganga as near it source. We don’t want to demean our produce by calling it industrial hemp but we call it Himalayan hemp for its nutrition’s purity and grade..

Looking for Bulk Hemp Protein Powder?

Hemp Foundation provides best quality Bulk Hemp Protein powder from Himalaya in wholesale.

Manufacturing of Himalayan


Hemp Foundation is one of the best suppliers you can choose to buy hemp protein powder in wholesale. Our prices will amaze you and you can wow your customers with the quality of our product.

Hemp protein is a popular vegan protein in high demand by athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness buffs. Not surprising, really, since hemp seeds have an extraordinary nutrition profile. Hemp protein is what remains in the hemp seed cakes after extracting their oil content.

Our hemp seeds come from organically grown plants that soak up the richness of the Himalayan soil. We extract the oil strictly through cold-pressing to preserve the nutrient profile. Our hemp protein is of the purest quality, as a result.

To protect that purity, we add no preservatives. We also use the most hygienic methods to grind the seed cakes to powder.

Our Product

Bulk Himalayan Hemp Protein Powder

The Himalayan soil combined with traditional organic farming makes the quality of our seeds insuperable. Hemp protein is best when the oil has been extracted by cold-pressing, reports a 2010 study. That is what we use – cold-press. Hemp Foundation’s bulk hemp protein powder is unmatched in quality, therefore.

Test Certificate to Check THC-level in Hemp Seed Powder

Hemp Protein Powder in Wholesale

We are the top Hemp Protein Powder wholesale suppliers globally. We deliver the best quality Cold-Press Extracted Hemp Protein Powder across the globe. Get in touch with us and know more about our Hemp Protein Powder

Why Hemp Foundation?

Proteins contain amino acids, nine among which are essential for critical organic functions like protein build-up, synthesizing hormones and neurotransmitters, etc. Hemp protein contains all of them.

We are the preferred hemp protein powder wholesale suppliers of leading hemp importers. Because our plants thrive in the unrivaled richness of the Himalayan soil, producing seeds with a higher protein content than seeds from China and the U.S. Check out the comparative protein content per 100 grams of hemp seeds:

India China The U.S.A.
33.68 grams 32.8 grams 31.6 grams

As the favored partner of eminent hemp importers, our logistics capabilities match the quality of our products.
As bulk hemp protein powder wholesale suppliers, we offer airfreight options for express delivery. We also have paid courier service and other accelerated delivery options to address emergency needs.

For all other deliveries, we offer shipping by water. That’s more time-consuming, but a lot less expensive.

Please contact us for the rates.

  • Air Freight Forwarding
  • Ocean Freight Forwarding
  • Paid Courier Service
  • Expedited Services

When it’s food, the packaging is as important as the rest of the quality control process. We use only food-grade packaging material to ensure that your bulk hemp protein powder does not get contaminated in any way.

We follow the same stringent quality standards with packaging as with every other process used to produce hemp protein powder in wholesale. You can rely on us to receive your order in perfect condition.

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    What Makes Hemp Protein from Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India, So Special?

    The term “Prayag” means confluence: where rivers meet. River Alakananda – literally, the feminine beauty that charms paradise – meets five different rivers as she dances through the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. Rudraprayag is where Alakananda meets the river Mandakini.


    Most of our hemp plants grow in Rudraprayag, pulsating in the pollution-free air of the high mountains and the mineral-rich soil of the Himalayas. And, they grow organically. Uttarakhand is one of the few states that has banned the use of fertilizers and other chemicals.

    The soil gets naturally manured with fallen leaves and livestock excreta. Healthy hemp plants yield hemp seeds richer in protein than elsewhere. Oil extraction by cold-pressing preserves the high quality of the protein content. Combined with hygienic grinding methods, these factors make us one of the most sought-after hemp protein powder manufacturers globally.


    Hemp Foundation operates in Rudraprayag district with the social mission of assisting families facing year-round poverty and hunger to earn a sustainable income. Our aim is to link these quality hemp protein manufacturers to the global market.
    When you buy hemp protein powder wholesale from us, you not only get superlative quality at amazingly competitive prices. You also help poor Rudraprayag farmers to feed and clothe their families and send their children to school.


    A Government of India survey states that 19.47% of Rudraprayag’s land consists of slopey terrains best suited for plantation crops and aromatic or medicinal herbs. The quality of our hemp plants is unparalleled because they grow on this soil. Just the type that suits hemp best.

    High enough to escape the pollution and arable enough for hemp farming, Rudraprayag literally offers everything needed to make its hemp the best. That’s why we’re the hemp protein powder manufacturers that others find difficult to compete with.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, it is. India has a system of organic certification and Hemp Foundation as hemp protein manufacturers can boast of possessing that certification. You’ll see it on all our labels. Most of our hemp grows in the district of Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand, India. The soil here is of the type that suits hemp the best. So is the climate. The soil is naturally rich in minerals. Traditional farming practices in the region depend on soil enrichment by fallen leaves and the feces of grazing animals. Most importantly, Uttarakhand is a green state that has banned the use of fertilizers and other chemicals. So, yes - we supply only 100% organic hemp protein powder.
    That depends on where you’re ordering from. However, we’re always committed to reducing the delivery time to the bare minimum. On average, it takes anything between 15 days to a month to deliver bulk hemp protein powder orders. Also, we have several delivery options. We have paid courier service and other expedited methods of delivery to address urgent needs. We make airfreight delivery if you need your bulk hemp protein within a short time. For budget deliveries where time is not at a premium, we recommend delivery by ocean freight.
    Importing Hemp Protein Powder was legal in certain states of the U.S. even before the Agriculture Act of 2018, better known as the Farm Bill 2018. This Act has now legalized hemp cultivation throughout the country. It has also made the production and consumption of hemp-based products legal anywhere in the U.S. Importing hemp protein powder is now fully legal anywhere in the U.S. There is a restriction, though. The hemp protein powder must be derived from hemp plants not containing more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As the leading hemp protein powder manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, we provide only products from plants certified as containing THC within the stipulated limit.
    Several factors contribute to our status as the preferred partner for supplying hemp protein powder wholesale to leading importers: ● Our plants grow in the Himalayan district of Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand, India. The soil and the climate are ideal for hemp cultivation and the soil is rich in minerals. That makes our plants healthy enough to grow seeds with higher protein content than elsewhere. ● The use of fertilizers and other chemicals is banned in Uttarakhand. Our plants grow organically in soil that gets enriched by fallen leaves and livestock excreta. You get hemp protein certified as 100% organic. ● The quality of our hemp protein powder is the purest possible as we extract the oil only through cold-pressing. We also use the most hygienic methods for grinding the seed cake and add no preservatives. ● We offer competitive prices for the superior quality hemp protein powder we supply.
    There is no legal binding on any minimum quantity of bulk purchases. However, a minimum amount is necessary to make the delivery cost-effective. Especially so if it has to be supplied overseas, whether by air or water. Usually, an order of a minimum of 50 kilograms suits a bulk purchase delivery. As wholesalers and wholesale exporters, we prefer a minimum order of 100 kilograms. However, we have paid courier service to deliver smaller amounts if that is what you need.
    Yes, we do and you are free to download the lab report from our website. We have lab reports for all the information you may need: from seed germination to nutritional analysis. India also has a system of certification for organic products and we have that. Hemp Foundation works with the farmers of Rudraprayag in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, India, with a social mission. Our aim is to ensure sustainable income for these struggling farmers. The approach is to link the highest quality hemp protein powder they produce to the global market. We are committed to stringent quality standards so that our social mission succeeds. If we slip on quality, we’ll lose our client base. Our farmers will then return to starvation. We are committed to preventing that.
    To maintain the purity of our hemp protein powder, we use no preservatives. So, it is best to use it before the expiry date. Our hemp protein powder usually has a shelf life of 12 months. You don’t need to refrigerate it before opening, but please do store it in a refrigerator after opening. Experts say that hemp protein powder with no preservatives beyond the expiry date is unlikely to cause any harm. That’s because microbes usually do not grow in dry products. However, its potency will suffer. A word of caution: avoid using if you notice any change in the color or smell post the expiry date.
    We offer extremely competitive prices. We also offer a graded price scale that reduces with an increase in the quantity ordered, starting from a minimum of 100 kilograms. That leaves little room for further negotiation. Hemp Foundation is the favored partner of leading importers across the globe for supplying hemp protein powder wholesale. That is because we supply the best quality hemp protein at amazingly low prices. Check our pricing. We believe you’ll find no need for negotiation.
    We work with the farmers of Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand, India, to source all our hemp products. From hemp seeds to hemp protein powder and much more. Our plants grow in the pollution-free air of the majestic Himalayas. They soak nutrients from the mineral-rich soil further enriched by fallen leaves and the excreta of domesticated animals. These fully organic hemp plants produce seeds with a protein content higher than the seeds grown in China and the U.S. Committed to enabling these poor farming families to earn a sustainable livelihood, we maintain the highest standards of quality at every step to retain and expand our global customer base.
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