Why Build With HEMPCRETE? – With Matt Marino Episode 17

Matt Marino has moved hempcrete construction to new levels with his modular build system.  Listen in as Matt uncovers the how and why of building with hempcrete. 

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About Matt Marino

Matt Marino is the President and Founder at Homeland Hempcrete. He has a background in operations and has focused most of his career on supply chain efficiencies, but has also spent years building, renovating, and managing properties. Early on when exploring the hemp industry he realized that building with hemp not only aligned with his interests but also had the opportunity to make a huge impact. His goal now is to make hempcrete more accessible and accelerate the adoption of healthy and sustainable building materials.

Founded the same year the US Farm Bill legalized production of industrial hemp, Homeland Hempcrete entered the market utilizing the traditional cast-in-place build method. After years of trial and error they decided there must be a more effective solution that will decrease install time and get more hempcrete to more customers.  

The solution they have embraced is pre-made, pre-cured, high-quality modular hemp panels. Their panel system allows for consistent quality, quick and easy install, customized design, with finishes that can be applied immediately after install.

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