Interview with Hemp Leaders and Advocate around the World – Episode 4

Hemp Talk

Hemp Talk with Ianto Morgan Jones- CEO & Founder of Mon Naturals, hailing from North Wales.

Learn Hemp Industry insights from top Hemp Leaders and advocates from around the world.  Hosted by Hemp Foundation TALKS with Rebecca Spain.  

Today’s guest speaker is Ianto Morgan Jones, a man with a heart of gold that is leading his community in the education of hemp and its values.  

Ianto is passionate about helping people find solutions and alternative ways to heal naturally. He has introduced an award winning skin ointment into the marketplace, utilizing an all plant based formula which includes cannabis sativa seed oil. 

Further learn about the hemp challenges in the UK and the ethics we need to keep the hemp industry growing in the right direction. 

About Ianto Morgan Jones

Ianto is currently CEO and Founder of Mon Naturals, a family company based in Anglesey, North Wales. Mon Naturals predominantly manufactures and formulates organic skin care products which are clay mineral and plant based with added Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. 

Ianto served in the military, seeing active duty with the British Parachute Regiment.

After leaving the Military he pursued a career in Fibre Optics and Telecommunications, working in London at a variety of locations including the Cabinet Office, Whitehall and Admiralty House.

Ianto finally came back to Wales to become a mature Student at Bangor University, where he originally studied History and Archaeology then reverted to Science so as to complete a thesis on Eliawen, his family’s Ancient Welsh 300yr old Balm and Cortisol. He then facilitated a SMART Expertise Project with the Welsh Government and Bangor University. 

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