Interview with Hemp Leaders and Advocate around the World – Episode 6

Hemp talk

Hemp Talk with Shipepe Heita- Cannabis & Hemp Association of Namibia, Africa.

Learn Hemp Industry insights from top Hemp Leaders and advocates from around the world.  Hosted by Hemp Foundation TALKS with Rebecca Spain.  

In today’s episode we travel to the land of the brave and home of the sophisticated rough diamond, Namibia, to speak with Shipepe Heita.  

Shipepe gives us insights into the initiatives of Hemp in Namibia and shares his passion to build the people and communities through the healing and economical values of hemp. 

About Shipepe Heita

Shipepe is a young entrepreneur and hemp advocate at the age of 28 and has already made such great progress. He has a Bachelor in Commerce in Finance, specializing in Risk Management from the Independent Institute of Education (IIE UK)

He is Co-Chair of Cannabis & Hemp Association of Namibia (CHAN)

Shipepe’s corporate experience includes Sales, Brand Activation, Business Development and consulting services. He is certified in Project Management, Business Analysis and collaboration.

CHAN, Cannabis & Hemp Institute of Namibia, is a central hub of expertise and safe space for all things cannabis & hemp. The platform is committed to the full realization of the plant, with comprehensive legalization in Namibia being the ultimate aim. Their mission statement highlights and emphasizes Regulation, Education and Advocacy.

Shipepe’s foundation for meaning, and personal M.O. entails the simple mantra, “Serve & Inspire ”. A natural curiosity in seeking solutions and a strong belief in Namibia’s economic potential, strikes synergy for his perpetual passion for defying the odds. Additionally, he finds natural sequence,regenerative farming, and other climate smart agricultural phenomena as captivating solutions to his homeland.

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