Interview with Hemp Leaders and Advocate around the World – Part III

Hemp Talk

Hemp Talk with Zev Paiss

In this hemp Talk, we Learn Hemp Industry insights from top Hemp Leaders and advocates from around the world.  Hosted by Hemp Foundation TALKS with Rebecca Spain.  

In today’s episode we get the pleasure of speaking with Zev Paiss, Chief Operating Officer of Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc. located in Boulder, Colorado.

Zev brings rich experience of expertise as one of the first U.S. smokable and edible hemp distributors in the nation. He also has been a key leader in building community with his launch of Rocky Mountain Hemp Association which is now National Hemp Association. 

Zev is actively involved in accelerating the hemp sector and for the past 10yrs has consulted with many individuals, farmers, and companies trying to get into the hemp space. 

Learn industry insights, challenges, and what’s new and emerging from the Fiber and Hurd Council of HIA. 

About Zev Paiss

Zev serves as Chief Operating Officer of Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc. He has been a sustainability consultant for over 30 years in renewable energy, low carbon transportation, urban agriculture, and intentional communities.

Zev’s involvement with industrial hemp began in late 2012 when he created the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association which expanded its scope to become the National Hemp Association where he served as the Executive Director from 2013 to 2016. In 2017, Zev founded Herb-a-lites, one of the first U.S. smokable and edible hemp distributors in the nation, and worked closely with retail outlets to include Herb-a-lite products on their shelves.

Over the past 10 years, Zev has written extensively to educate about the U.S. supply chain, and given dozens of public presentations at regional and national conferences. In his consulting work, Zev helps connect clients to vetted professionals in the U.S. hemp industry. He also serves as a Subject Matter Expert to farmers, processors, hemp organizations, insurance companies, and law firms needing assistance in representing their clients in legal matters. In 2020, Zev was elected to Chair the Hemp Industries Association Fiber and Hurd Council, a working group to accelerate the development of this sector of the hemp industry. Zev lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and two daughters. 

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