How Hemp Can Save Our Planet from Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution- biodegradable hemp plastic
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every day we use plastics, either to buy groceries or vegetables, but do you know how harmful plastic bags are for our environment, how it leads to plastic pollution, the devastating impact it has, and how this Biodegradable Hemp Product can save our planet?

More than 200 million tons of plastic bags are produced every year. Imagine the amount of damage we are doing to our environment.

It is time for us to think green and plan about a better alternative which can actually save our earth from this plastic menace.

Well, we will have to think about an option if we want to live in a pollution-free environment. So, what is that alternative? It is none other than the hemp plastic!

Hemp plastic, the future of plastic, is made from the stalk of hemp plants. The hemp plant has cellulose in high quantity, which is necessary for plastic manufacturing.

How Hemp Plastic is Beneficial

If you didn’t know about hemp plastic, then let us tell you about the several characteristics of hemp plastics which set them apart from regular plastics and how it can protect the earth from plastic pollution. Here are some of them:

1. Recyclable and Biodegradable

The worse part about conventional plastic is that they are can never decompose. No matter where you throw them, they will stay as it is and even if some do, it will take them more than a century to completely decompose. However, hemp plastic can decompose in just three to six months. Plus, hemp plastics are eco-friendly and hence you can recycle them.

Many petroleum-based plastics of today are also recyclable, but these plastics contain toxic and harmful chemicals, for instance, Bisphenol- A (BPA).

2. Resistant to Heat

Hemp plastics are manufactured and offer durable UV, thermal as well as dimensional stability. Most of them are, in fact, heat resistant. They are 2.5 times stronger than the standard plastics made of polypropylene.

3. It’s Non-toxic

Another reason to use hemp plastic is its non-toxic benefits. It is free from BPA, unlike the conventional plastics containing endocrine disruptors.

Do you know that BPA is extremely harmful to the human body and also to our hormone system? If you consume BPA by any chance, it creates a hormonal imbalance which may result in cancerous tumors.

Hemp plastics are BPA free and are, therefore, non-toxic. It is free from endocrine disruptors. Plus, during its production stage, hemp plastic never releases harmful toxic fumes as well.

What are the Uses of Hemp Plastics?

Because of its environment-friendly characteristics, the use of biodegradable hemp plastic is incredibly endless and versatile. Here are some of its uses:

1. Hemp Building Material

Hemp plastics are now being used as an alternative for different types of building materials; this includes the use of plastic, plasterboard, and even concrete.

Since hemp plastics are safer to use and stronger than plasterboard, they can be the perfect replacement for conventional plastic products being used in building construction.

2. Hemp Card Manufacturing

We all know that plastics are used in massive quantities during the car manufacturing process; however, today, many car manufacturing companies are choosing natural products over plastic products.

Hemp-based plastic products are 30% lighter than conventional plastics and they are fuel-efficient too. And since we know that hemp plastic is biodegradable, it will never cause a menace to our environment, once the car gets old.

3. Hemp Paper Manufacturing

Hemp products aren’t just a good alternative for plastics, but trees too. To save earth has now become a mission. We know that to make papers, we need to cut down trees and it takes 30 years for trees to get ready for paper manufacturing again.

Thus, hemp becomes a good alternative yet again. They can regenerate in just a few months and hence become the perfect material for paper manufacture as well. You might not know, but hemp has been used to produce paper for a long time.

Looking at all these alternatives and the great benefits of hemp plastics, it makes sense to move for a greener and cleaner product. Let us work together for the better tomorrow for our future generation.

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