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Regulatory Roadblocks: How India is Falling Behind in the Hemp Race

Imagine a treasure chest, gleaming with gold, right in your backyard.  Yet, you never open [...]

While India sleeps, West’s hemp entrepreneurs make millions

Isn’t it funny… how sometimes we don’t appreciate what’s in our own backyard… until we [...]

The Argument for ‘One Earth, One Policy’ for Cannabis Why the World Needs a Consistent Cannabis Policy

What if drinking tea were illegal? Worse still, what if drinking a latte were legal, [...]

Hemp in Himachal: The Unintended Consequences of THC Limits

Himachal Pradesh’s people are geniuses. To India and the world, they’ve given iconic products such [...]

Death sentence for Indian hemp – importing hemp seeds

Have you ever stood at a crossroads, knowing that one wrong turn could change everything? [...]