Why Should You Give Up Single-Use Masks Immediately?

  • As you read this, something ugly is going on a the coast near you.
  • Hundreds of thousands of single-use masks are washing ashore.
  • The beachside is ruined beyond recognition. And the ocean is choking.
  • There are more masks than fish along coastal waters.
  • Six months into the fight against COVID-19, and we’ve lost our oceans to the virus already. …Read More

Why Should You Give Up Single-Use Masks Immediately?

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Why Should You Give Up Single-Use Masks Immediately AND Choose Hemp Mask?

  • As you read this, something ugly is going on at a coast near you.
  • Hundreds of thousands of single-use masks are washing ashore.
  • The beach side is ruined beyond recognition. And the ocean is choking.
  • There are more masks than fish along coastal waters.
  • Six months into the fight against COVID-19, and we’ve lost our oceans to the virus already.
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Single Use Masks Are The Death Knell For Marine Life

  • 13 million tones is hard to imagine. That’s like every human on the earth getting a pack of 1,000 Lego bricks.
  • Now, imagine all this plastic Lego in the ocean. That’s the reality.
  • It gets worse every year. The global leadership has become used to leveraging climate guardianship as a rhetorical ploy to appease sections of the population. As a race, we’ve become apathetic.
  • It’s the middle of 2020, and COVID-19 has already been a disgusting reminder of the human race’s grand failure at managing the planet.
  • Take France for instance, a country whose population is less than 1% of the global number. The country’s medical authorities have ordered 2 billion disposable masks already. This isn’t even the complete picture, because disposable masks are just one of several related problems.
  • There’s single use PPE kits.
  • There’s single use gloves.
  • There’s single use hair covers.
  • All of these contain a fair amount of polypropylene. The forces of nature can keep on working for 450 years and still not manage to get rid of these plastics.
  • Because of COVID-19, the marine damage has been two-folds:
  • Firstly, we’ve created a whole new category of plastic wastes, that’s Corona virus waste, which means our marine resources are riding the fast train to death
  • Secondly, world leaders are not even pretending they care for the environment anymore, because the pandemic is now the license to not talk about the future

You’d be naïve to believe that the governments truly care now. You’d be naïve for believing this not your problem.

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Most single-use masks constitute nonwoven polypropylene.

The primary issue comes when animals ingest it, ignorant of its inedible nature. This is more common among marine animals. It can choke and kill them.

Often, disposed masks that still have traces of the COVID-19 virus on its surfaces. The virus can stay on a mask for up to 3 days after disposal. This endangers garbage disposal employees and recyclers. In such a case, incineration is the safest option. But incineration also leads to harmful substances released into the atmosphere.

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The tertiary issue is that the production of more disposable masks leads to an accelerated cycle of waste. Most people will blaze through as many masks as they have working/school days. This exponentially increases the plastic waste in any given region.

According to an analysis by scientists at University College London, if every person in the UK used one single-use mask each day for a year, an extra 66,000 tones of contaminated plastic waste would proliferate.

If our oceans were out of breath, they’re well and truly on the verge of choking now.

This is not your prime minister’s problem. This is your problem.

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We have understated the dangers of plastic in the ocean. Here’s one of the many self-feeding problem reactions linked to marine pollution.

  • We dispose of 79% of the total plastic into landfills or oceans. This affects plant life and animal life.
  • Marine animals ingest it and it poisons their internal biological systems.
  • Humans consume marine animals infected with dangerous microfibers.

There’s more. Generations of people in underdeveloped nations of the world have been drinking polluted water, one sip at a time, for their lifetimes.

Waterborne infectious diseases are a common cause of distress among global communities.

Oil, mercury, lead, and pesticides in household water supply are concerns even for the most developed nations of the world.

70% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by marine plants, and they’re at a risk of depletion because of water pollution.

30% of the carbon dioxide we produce is absorbed by the ocean, and it has to operate at full health to continue doing so.

You’d be tired of scrolling down if we were to list out all the problems here, literally.

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You’d not surf far on the web before bumping into a media message that goes #GoGreen

Not all of it is virtue signaling through; there has been real action.

  • Nations have put better recycling measures in place.
  • In most nations, plastic bags, cutlery, crockery, and straws were either banned or taxed heavily.
  • Social initiatives help discourage single-use plastic consumption.

Rwanda was one of the first nations to strictly cut down on polyethylene bags, meting out imprisonment for illegal use.

China banned ultra-thin plastic bags in 2008 and plans to ban all non-degradable plastics by 2022.

India banned 6 plastic items in October 2019 and plans to outlaw the most common plastic items by 2025.

Is that enough? Not nearly. And to make matters worse…

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Single-use face masks and PPE are like raining gasoline over a wildfire. The ocean can’t breathe, and neither will we, if this doesn’t stop.

Hundreds of species of flora and fauna have disappeared from our forests and prairies, and marine life is in the crosshairs now.

In trying to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 corona virus, we’ve been exposed as an utterly self-centered species again.

Reports over the last few months speak of plastic single-use masks and gloves floating around the seas, strewn on beaches and other coastal areas.

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Plastic waste is a problem that keeps environmentalists awake at night, the problem that curtails their enthusiasm in spite of the popularity of the go-green narrative.

Make no mistakes, it’s one massive ship we’re all on, and the ship’s sailing on treacherous waters.

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And you thought your clogged drain was a problem you needed to worry about!

Just like you know you have to act to solve THAT problem, you can ACT to solve the bigger problem also.

For starters, do these two things:

  1. Think of the many alternatives to single-use plastic face masks.
  1. Start talking to your folks. Help them pause and take stock of the problem. Help them be mindful in their consumption of single-use plastics, face masks included.

We can help you with the first one.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Cotton Face Masks: is That an Eco-Friendly Option?

Let’s consider cotton cloth masks. To make one cotton tee-shirt and trouser (1 kilo of cotton), one average U.S. household would have to go without water for half a month (20,000 liters).

There’s the merit of washability. However, even if you were to use one cotton mask for a month, it’s still not an eco-friendly option.

Then, the dyes used to color cotton masks are hard for the oceanic forces to disintegrate, and some of them are guaranteed to enter the marine food chain, which ends with you.

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