DIABETES & AYURVEDA Is there any cure?


Diabetes or Prameh in Ayurveda is not new to humankind. As per scriptures Lord Ganesha was the first patient of Diabetes and that’s why he is offered Jambul fruit that stabilizes blood sugar levels. According to Ayurveda, there are 20 types of Diabetes distinguished into three types Kaphaj-10, Pittaj-6 and Vataj-4.


India is said to be the World Diabetic Capital. India has the second highest total population in the world at more than 1.3 billion people. And today while writing this article, I just wonder that we the originator of Yoga, Ayurveda and Natural Healing practices have now become so much diseased. With a lot of thinking and exploring I came to understand that the culprit is not our cultural diet and lifestyle but the western methodologies that we have accepted and have become addicted too. Western way of living and also the way of treatment of diseases never focus on good diet and lifestyle. They sell off what they are fed up of and they wrap up those ideas such nicely that the earlier healthy Asian countries have become a huge market for their unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy way of treatments too.

The medication that are prescribed in Allopathy way of science are so toxic that they are bound to create severe side effects in human body with time, which in turn creates more health problems to be taken treatment for lifetime.

But the good news is that the Lifestyle disorders like Diabetes can be completely cured with Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and medication if started well on time. To destroy belief in Ayurvedic medicines, it is propagated hugely that the metallic preparations used in Ayurved can damage kidney and other vital organs. Such allegations are completely useless as Indian Vedic Heritage has a very developed Metallurgy science. The metals used for medicines were purified in such a manner that they provide the desired results for the treatment of a disease without posing any side effects if taken under medical supervision and from well-established pharmacies who follow the protocol of metals purification well.

While on the other side all the medicines mentioned in Allopathic science have severe side effects that are bound to happen even when taken in correct doses under medical supervision.

Ayurved is an age old science that was designed by Rishis and Maharishis who were the greatest scientists of Vedic age. They have created such procedures for Health that go hand in hand with nature and human body.

We being the inheritors of such great science must learn, explore and imbibe it in our life to live at our full potential and to remove that title of DIABETIC CAPITAL OF WORLD from our name. We have the legacy that we can impart to world in almost all the fields and especially health.

West is looking to us for the solutions of modern lifestyle challenges. So we need to be world leader and help Mankind.

The reason of Type-II Diabetes was mentioned thousands of years ago in two simple sentences;

“Aasyasukham, Swapnsukham, Dadhini Gramyaudakanooprasa payansi

Navannpanam gudvaikritam ch pramehhetu kafkarich sarvam”

Longtime sitting on comfortable beds and sofas, sleeping late in the daytime, eating too much of milk and milk products, drinking excess water, eating excess meat of domestic, aquatic and marshy animals, eating new crops of cereals, any sweet preparation of jaggery or sugar and all kaph dosh aggravating factors are the causative factors of Diabetes.


This simple description in two line shlok includes many causative factors that modern science has not yet discovered. 

Many people in India itself have misconception that jaggery doesn’t creates high blood sugar whereas in all the ayurvedic text book it is mentioned as the causative as well as aggravating factor of Diabetes. 

The Kaphaj Prameh are curable, the Pittaj Prameh are difficult to be cured and can be maintained only while the Vataj Prameh can’t be cured at all.

Symptoms explaining the onset of Prediabetic Condition in an individual:

Hypersweating, Bad body odour, Lethargy, Laziness, Smearing in heart, eyes, tongue and ears, Heaviness in body parts, excessive increase in hair and nails, liking for cold, dryness in throat and palate, sweetness in mouth, burning sensation in hands and feet. Apart from these, in ancient times urine test was done by subjecting the sample to ants. 

Ants like Urine with sugar content so it ensure presence of sweetness in the urine.

Treatment Protocol:

There are two types of Diabetic patients:

1. Obese

2. Thin & Lean

The treatment protocol is different in both of these.

In OBESE patient Sanshodhan Chikitsa or evacuation treatments are to be given like patient is subject to fasting, dry massages, Panchkarma treatments like Vaman (a process of inducing vomiting) and Virechan (a process of inducing loose motions). The basis of this treatment is to reduce the Medas or fat content of the body. For abhyangam in such patients drying oils are to be taken like mustard, sesame or Flax seed oil. After completing Vaman and Virechan when the doshas gets evacuated, patient gets weak and needs saturation treatments. Without saturation treatment, patient acquires many complications.

In THIN & LEAN patient, evacuation treatment is not advisable. Here we need to start with Sanshaman Chikitsa or pacificator management. In such patients boiled barley, barley cakes, linctus made of barley and easily digestible food with low calorie content should be given.

Dietary Advice:

A Diabetic patient who is non vegetarian should be given meat of gallinaceous and peckers birds and wild animals’ meat along with steamed barley, food items prepared with roasted barley. He should take aged Sali rice (a type of rice) with soup of Moong dal (green gram pulses) and bitter vegetables cooked in danti, linseed or mustard oil. In cereals he should take Shashtik (a type of rice) or wild rice. The diet of a Diabetic patient must contain mainly barley based foods mixed with pure form of honey.


Home Remedies for Diabetes for Sanshaman Chikitsa (Pacificator treatment):

The Prameh patient should take Daruharidra, devdaru, Amla, Harad, Baheda and Nagarmotha in equal quantity and prepare a decoction of them. This should be taken twice a day empty stomach.

Alternately, one can also take Haridra (Turmeric) powder mixed with Amla swaras (fresh juice of Indian gooseberry) and pure honey.

Lifestyle modification:

Different types of exercises, physical exertion, body massage with dry powders, taking bath with the decoction made from kaph pacifying herbs, taking tub bath by immersing the body in medicated decoctions, applying paste of Khas, Dalchini, green cardamom, agaru and chandan helps to cure Diabetes very quickly.

Type- I Diabetes:

Jatah pramehi madhumehino van a sadhya uktah s hi beejdoshat,

Ye cha api kechit kulja vikara bhawanti tansch pravadanti asadhyan.

The congenital case of Prameha or one inheriting the disease from his diabetic parents is incurable due to genetic defect. Whatever diseases are familial they are said as incurable.

Diabetes is not merely a single disease but the mother of many health problems. Uncontrolled Diabetes leads to the damage of all the vital organs of our body be it Heart, Kidney, Liver and the Nervous system as a whole. High blood sugar levels damages each and every cell of human body and hence its implications are very high.

So definitely we need to stop and introspect that should we go with only popping up the pills to manage our blood sugar levels or should we use the more holistic approach and strictly follow the diet, lifestyle and a complete ayurvedic approach to completely cure the issue. Living with life-long medication and there further side effects ruining our body, mind & soul or taking control of our life and living best quality years ahead.


We have to make our choice wisely.

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