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5 Reasons Why You Should Say YES To Hemp Curtains • When you think of hemp, your mind goes to burlap sack texture. But in reality, hemp is one of the softest fabrics. It is preferred over organic cotton for sustainable bedding material. And one of the greatest advantages - it gets softer with every wash. • Hemp Curtains are extremely durable. When the fabric is made, the fibers are woven very tightly. It adds to the strength of the material. So even after hundreds of machine cycles, your curtains will be good as new. • Your bedroom, the place you go to relax, should be the last place an allergy attack hits. Hemp curtain takes care of this too. Hemp is naturally hypoallergenic. Besides this, harsh chemicals are very sparingly (if at all) used in the process of cultivating hemp and making hemp fabric. So there will be no irritants to your skin. • And because it’s antimicrobial, it repels odor. So, you won’t have to wash it as often as a cotton curtain either. • Above all else, hemp is good for the environment. So you can get a peaceful slumber feeling good about your choices. Curtains from Hemp Foundation: The Coming Together of Good Intentions and Good Vibes Our fabric experts know you need choices. And you shall have them; choose from • Solid Color Hemp curtain: Perfect for the monochrome bedroom & Drawing room décor •  Our recommendation is to add pops of color and spruce up your bedroom. But, if you want a curtain in any other pattern, don't worry. Our in-house design and production team can whip up custom designs for you. You can buy hemp bed sheets in bulk and have them delivered in no time. Why Order Hemp curtain From Hemp Foundation? Hemp Foundation is a people-focused organization through and through. We cultivate our hemp in villages in Uttarakhand with a women-intensive workforce. This helps provide financial freedom to women, many of whose husbands or fathers have migrated in search of work. Mandakini women weavers then weave the hemp fibers into usable fabric. This is then used to design many products, including hemp curtains. Hemp Foundation is a hemp curtain manufacturer, distributer and wholesaler that understands the needs of the bulk buyer. So: • If you’re still unsure about the product, that’s okay. You can test out a batch as small as 100 pieces to see if your customers like hemp curtains. But odds are, your stocks will sell out soon. • If you want the product in your inventory right away, tell us, and we will ship them to you by air. Bulkier orders are best dispatched via water. • If you want to eliminate the long-drawn repackaging process, ask us for custom packaging for the order. Hemp Foundation is more than just a manufacturer of hemp products. We are an environmental organization that strives hard to do good for the Earth. We are working hard to reclaim cultivable land in the far reaches of Uttarakhand. By doing this, we provide a livelihood to hundreds of families and help to preserve the ecosystem. Besides being a good material for bed sheets, hemp has many other environmental benefits too. we are a hemp curtain manufacturer, wholesale and distributer.