Highlights of our Hemp Knit Fabric and knitwear manufacturing services: Ukhi deals in Hemp knit fabric Wholesale, Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributer of Hemp Knit fabric like Single jersey, Fleece, Rib Stitch knit fabric, Double knit fabric, Pique, etc. We also supply Hemp Knit Fabric wholesale and Supplier to more than 20 countries of the world. we also supply knit fabric online Pique knit fabric, Jersey knit fabric wholesale We can work on Custom design, Digital printing, Embroidery, Custom screen printing on hemp Knitwear, Custom Dyes on Hemp Knitwear. Available On Low minimum order quantity. GOTS Certified Natural Dyes are Available too. Custom logo and branding on knitwear are available too. Tie and Dye Print on Knit fabric possible as well. If looking for Hemp clothing then visit our another page. Knitwear is a construction of yarn, created by interlocking yarns through needles. Knit fabrics can be made much faster and easier than woven fabrics. And the Ukhi brings Hemp Knit fabric and knitwear just for you. As we know hemp Knit fabric is antibacterial, more breathable, and durable. Clothing made of woven fabric of hemp is very beneficial Eliminate body odor with the antimicrobial properties of hemp cloth. The breathable fabric fits and feels just like your other skin.