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We are a Hemp Duffle Bag Manufacturer and Wholesaler. we work in bulk supplies in the US, Europe, and Global markets. So we are a hemp duffle bag bulk supplier.
At Hemp Foundation, after thorough research into the local conditions in our quest to do our bit to eradicate poverty here, we concluded that hemp, a native crop of the Himalayas, has the potential to rid the locals of their woes. All we did was inform the villagers about the immense inherent power of hemp farming and use their conventional knowledge to optimize hemp production in the lap of the mountains. We trained them in making products that would find buyers around the world. And then, we connected the locals in these remote villages to the world economy. With the production of this hemp, we i.e. Hemp Foundation gave employment to many poor people and brought things made from hemp in many areas, including hemp Duffle bags and Hemp Foundation has a big contribution to these products. we are a Hemp duffle bag manufacturer and Wholesaler.