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End all poverty by 2030, with hemp – says UN 

Do you also find it odd? The UN is there to take care of the [...]

Uttarakhand’s Hemp Future: What the New Policy Draft Could Mean

March 29, 2023, marked a game-changing moment in Uttarakhand. Imagine a group of experts.  A [...]

Can India Continue To Ignore The Treasure In Its Backyard?

Did you know In 1987, India was only 2 years behind the best-in-class, in chip [...]

Regulatory Roadblocks: How India is Falling Behind in the Hemp Race

Imagine a treasure chest, gleaming with gold, right in your backyard.  Yet, you never open [...]

While India sleeps, West’s hemp entrepreneurs make millions

Isn’t it funny… how sometimes we don’t appreciate what’s in our own backyard… until we [...]