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We want to change this problem in an opportunity for these people. Though logistics is very hard, due to unmaintained mountain roads traveling to the nearest market or city is a nightmare. Practically no industry exists in these mountains. We traveled to dozens of remote mountains, trained these great women in their traditional craft of weaving, hemp mask manufacturing, sewing, accessory and hemp jewelry making and provide them jobs and above all an identity.

We have created a value chain and involved hundreds of women in farming (hemp farming is less labour intensive) , retting of hemp plants, degumming, carding, sewing, handlooms etc. We believe that women are like the roots of the tress, if you empower a woman she will empower an entire community around her. We train them in marketing, quality control etc. and give them platform to sell their products at fair price.

Every inch of hemp fabric or hemp clothing on these pages comes from beautiful remote Himalayan villages of Uttarakhand, India made by love and care by these hard working women. These women from mountains are already very beautiful in appearance and at heart but now they are making the world a better place by promoting the most sustainable plant on earth. With every purchase on this website, you spread love and lessen your carbon footprint.
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Stay Safe, Stay Well: Use Hemp Masks To Protect Self And Others

Unusual problems need unusual solutions. We are ready with our Hemp Masks

As a leading Hemp mask manufacturer, we supply hemp masks in wholesale to 20+ countries in the world including US, Europe, UK and Australia. We also supply our hemp masks in bulk to south American and Caribbean countries.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc with human lives globally. Not just in terms of infections, and deaths. Also by a complete disruption of life as we’ve always known it.

What exactly can we do to keep ourselves and those around us safe?

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How Does Covid-19/Omicorn Spread?

Medical experts globally still do not know enough. The information currently available reflects the following

1. The virus transmits easily from person to person through close contact. Close in this case means less than 6 feet distance.

2. The virus transmits through respiratory droplets.

3. Its transmission rate is faster than influenza but slower than measles.

4. We don’t yet know if it is possible to get infected by touching an infected surface. Accordingly, five action points have so far emerged to be definitive safety measures:

5. Wearing face masks covering our nose and mouth

6. Washing our hands often with soap and water

7. Physical distancing – maintaining a gap of at least 6 feet between persons

8. Wearing gloves to prevent touching surfaces that might be infected

9. Frequently cleaning and disinfecting surfaces touched by many people

Why Face Masks Are Important

What we know for sure as of now is that Covid-19 spreads through the droplets that emerge from our mouth and nose when we speak, cough, or sneeze. If you are in close proximity to an infected person, you have a high chance of catching the virus.

A computer-based simulation demonstrates that those without a face mask emit 70 times more droplets during a three-minute conversation than those wearing a mask.

An especially problematic feature is that a Covid-19 carrier can be completely asymptomatic. Conscious avoidance of those with the typical symptoms may not be enough, therefore.

If we all wear hemp masks covering our nose and mouth, we save each other from the transmission of the virus.

We offer increased safety and protection through our hemp masks.

Why Pure Hemp Face Masks Are Safer

Producing hemp face masks is our special initiative to help people prevent the spread of Covid-19. In India, masks have become especially important now. The staggered unlock phase has started. The virus transmission, however, continues unabated.

We are in charge of our own safety, and of others. It is upon us to prevent transmission. If you use our organic hemp masks , you save yourself from chemically-manufactured products?

The safety standard of our hemp masks is not as high as the N95 medical masks that qualify as personal protective equipment (PPE). However, the natural medicinal properties of hemp fabric make these masks safer than ordinary cloth or synthetic masks.

Hemp Is Naturally Resistant To Microbes

The irregular hollow core of hemp fabric gives it anti-microbial properties. Masks made of hemp fabric trap and absorb particulates and microbes that would get into your system otherwise.

An additional advantage is that hemp fabric is also resistant to moth and mildew.

Hemp Is More Breathable Than Cotton

Masks made from pure or combined hemp textile are a lot more comfortable than ordinary synthetic or cotton masks. With higher breathability than cotton, masks made from hemp textiles do not stick to your face.

That makes them suitable to wear for long hours without too much discomfort.

We Grow Our Hemp 100% Organically

Uttarakhand has banned the use of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals. Also, farming families here have the rich generational wisdom of organic farming. We only grow fully organic hemp.

We also minimize the use of chemicals as far as practicable in our fabric production. You are safe from the probable side effects of high chemical use when you buy hemp masks from us.

The Special Features Of The Masks We Produce

As a hemp mask manufacturer, we have carefully studied the emerging situation in India and world to design our masks. We have different categories of masks to suit varying needs.

A feature common to all the hemp face masks we produce is that they have a larger surface area. That gives our hemp face masks greater capacity to trap and absorb microbes and particulates. Our masks have more protective power than normal masks.

All our masks can easily fit into a small bag or a trouser pocket.

Pure Hemp Masks Varieties

We have designed double-layer masks in varying thicknesses. These are useful for densely populated areas where physical distancing may not be possible. Also suitable for close encounters, and population groups especially vulnerable to the virus.

The additional safety features available with our two-layer masks make them suitable for people with high exposure risk. Police personnel, paramedical personnel, municipal health workers, etc. can considerably reduce their vulnerability.

Our Double-layer masks are available with or without additional filters.

Cleaning Your Hemp Mask

Soak your hemp mask for 30 minutes or more in detergent water, rinse and wash. However, if you want additional disinfection, boil some water and soak the mask in it for 30 seconds. Then repeat the above process.

Always sanitize your hands before putting on your mask and after removing it.

Why We Believe Hemp Can Make A Difference

Are you wondering how we can openly talk about an illegal plant?

Hemp cultivation and hemp-based agro-industries are legal in Uttarakhand. Our products come from this Indian state nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Hemp is the non-narcotic plant cousin of cannabis. Hemp has suffered for long enough due to a mistaken stigma. We at Hemp Foundation are committed to educating all our stakeholders about the real value of hemp.

When you buy hemp masks wholesale or retail from us, you become an investor in the sustainable transformation of Uttarakhand’s rural economy.

Every product you purchase from us carries with it the love, care, and passion of farming families from the remotest villages of Uttarakhand. Hemp is much more than just a crop for them.

A natural vegetation of the region, hemp is an emblem of the economic transformation thousands of farming families in Uttarakhand are aspiring for. They weave their hopes and dreams into every piece of hemp fabric they produce.

When you access us as your hemp mask suppliers , you nurture those aspirations.

You also contribute to environmental conservation. Hemp is an incredible crop that can save nature from many of the human-made disasters that are ailing our planet.

Order bulk hemp masks from us. Save the farmers of Uttarakhand, yourself, and the planet at one go!