Uttarakhand has seen mass migration and most of the villages are either uninhabited or full of old men, women, and children as male members have moved to cities in search of jobs. Though these families have small farms they don’t do farming as animals destroy their crops. 80% of the farmers have left farming in the hills of Uttarakhand. So we promoted hemp farming and became 100 % hemp clothing manufacturer, wholesale supplier and Distributor by doing hemp crops and its fiber.

We want to change this problem in an opportunity for these people. Though logistics is very hard, due to unmaintained mountain roads traveling to the nearest market or city is a nightmare. Practically no industry exists in these mountains. We travelled to dozens of remote mountains, trained these great women in their traditional craft of weaving, sewing, accessory making and provide them jobs and above all an identity.

Every inch of hemp fabric or hemp clothing on these pages comes from beautiful remote Himalayan villages of Uttarakhand, India made by love and care by these hard working women. These women from mountains are already very beautiful in appearance and at heart but now they are making the world a better place by promoting the most sustainable plant on earth.

As a leading 100 % Hemp Clothing manufacturer, wholesaler & distributor, we help small businesses with low MOQ, custom designs at low cost, custom dye, digital printing and custom embroidery.

With every purchase on this website, you spread love and lessen your carbon footprint.

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Hemp clothing is sustainable, comfortable, durable, affordable, and planet-friendly – can it get any better? Well, with Hemp Foundation’s proprietary hemp apparel designs, you get all this, and the pleasure of contemporary fashions. Our hemp fibers are extracted from top quality organic hemp crops cultivated in our fields in the foothills of the Himalayas. And these organic hemp crops are converted to different product by Hemp Foundation who is Hemp clothing Distributor

We’ve entered a joint venture with Mandakini Weavers, a social enterprise that aims at empowering the womenfolk of rural Uttarakhand with economic independence. This makes us a unique bulk hemp clothing provider, with a focus on sustainable farming and social upliftment of farmers.

hemp clothing store in US and Europe
  • Garments made from hemp only get better with time, getting softer and squishier with each wash.
  • Hemp fiber is known for its antimicrobial properties thus resisting the growth of bacteria and other microbes, thereby keeping your clothing sustainable and clean for a longer time.
  • They display great strength and durability and last longer than any of your other garments.
  • Hemp fabrics are resistant to any degradation from exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Hemp clothing reportedly has up to triple the tensile strength of cotton.

Organic Hemp Fiber That Makes Your Clothes ‘Breathe

We can proudly claim to be among the few sustainable hemp clothing manufacturer & Distributor in the country that ensure 100% organic hemp produce. As a result, the fibers extracted from our organic hemp are unmatched in their ‘breathability’. Plus, hemp fiber is known to be among the strongest and most durable natural textile fabrics. These qualities reflect in every garment we make out of our superior hemp fabric.  Because all the produce is from our own Himalayan fields, we’re able to offer bulk hemp clothing at unbeatable price points.

Hemp Clothing
Hemp Clothing

A Growing Catalog of Enviable Hemp Apparel

Our hemp clothing men catalog has shirts, trousers, coats, jackets, tee-shirts, and kurtas. Our hemp clothing women catalog has tops, bottoms, co-ords, jackets, dresses, and tee-shirts. Each of these products is designed with the utmost care for style and durability. We ensure that shoppers continue to love these products for the times to come, not only because of their trendy designs but also because of their unmatched quality. Get in touch with us to know more about the hemp apparel choices we offer.

Empowering Rural Uttarakhand’s Womenfolk, Weave After Weave

Our joint venture with Mandakini Weavers makes us one of the few hemp clothing manufacturer that strive to bring about a positive social change. We encourage women from rural Uttarakhand to learn carding, weaving, sewing, and other skills to create high-quality handlooms which are then sold in the local, domestic, and international market. This makes Hemp Foundation’s 100 % hemp clothing manufacturer, wholesale and Distributor the perfect blend of superlative quality and a positive social impact.

Hemp Clothing

Being the country’s leading hemp clothing wholesale supplier, we extend our services to customers around the world. We provide a number of services on special request and this includes processes such as enzyme wash, screen printing, SOOT printing, AZO free dyeing, white labeling, natural dyeing, and digital printing. You can bulk buy hemp clothing in wholesale and expect the best quality and service. Literally, your search for a hemp clothes wholesale supplier ends with Hemp Foundation.
We accept credit cards, Visa/MasterCard debit cards and Paytm (among other online wallets, for Indian customers). For bulk orders, we can issue invoices as per your requirements. Whether it’s a small order or a bulk buy hemp clothing purchase order, we will make sure there’s a seamless way to process payments. Internet banking and Credit cards are our preferred modes of payment. For hemp clothing bulk orders, we may be able to consider different payment methods based on the country from which you are placing the order and the total order value. So please feel free to get in touch with our customer support. If you’re looking for a hemp clothing wholesale supplier or exporter, India is a thriving market, and you need the best service and the most reliable product. That’s the Hemp Foundation promise – 100% guaranteed.
We’re among the few hemp garments companies that ship internationally. When you look for hemp clothing wholesale suppliers, India offers many options. But you can’t trust just anyone of them for international logistics management. You need a hemp clothing and garments wholesale supplier you can rely on. We offer free shipping for orders above $100. The delivery charge for every other request is flat $15. We also offer Priority and Express Mail options for quicker conveyance. Please note that worldwide shipments might be liable to customs, duties, and taxes and vary from country to country. Just select your country from the drop-down menu during checkout while placing the order. International shipping timeframes are difficult to estimate accurately (compared to domestic shipping), with numerous factors involved. However, it may take anywhere between 5 days to three weeks to arrive at the destination country, and customs can take 3-10 days after that. All in all, it’s usually best to place an international order as early and well in advance of the time you need it.
Our shipping centre processes orders on all working days i.e. from Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). For domestic orders, it takes 1-2 business days (weekends and holidays not included) for your order to come through. Expect a shipping confirmation email within that time frame. For companies looking to bulk buy hemp clothing, we make sure we use all our operational leverage to ensure a quick delivery. You will receive an order confirmation email in an expected shipment date(s) based on the delivery method you selected at the time of placing the order. Once the shipping center ships your order, you will receive a delivery confirmation email. Please click on the “Track Shipment” link in the email to receive the most up-to-date shipping information. You can find more tracking information under “My Orders”. Please note that the processing time (by our company) does not include the shipping time (by the shipping company). We offer 3 shipping options: Standard, Express, and International. Standard Shipping ( usually arrives within 2-4 business days): Express Shipping (usually arrives within 2 business days) International Shipping (usually arrives within 1-4 weeks) Our network of international logistics and supply chain partners makes us one of the best hemp clothing wholesale suppliers in India.
A white label clothing is a product devoid of any kind of branding. The manufacturer would manufacture the product and hand it over to the reseller, who would brand it as per his/her requirement or objective. Every reseller/retailer/hemp clothing importer has the freedom to resell the product under his/her own brand. This would make it seem as if that particular retailer has manufactured that particular product. We get bulk hemp clothing wholesale orders from across the globe, with the request for white labeling, and we fulfill them all, seamlessly. However, the product has already been manufactured before you stepped into the scene. Hence, you can’t get the product customized as per your specifications. But that is not the case with private labeling. In private labeling, the manufacturer will create the product as per your specifications. You can brand the end product the way you want to, and market it as you deem it fit. Primarily, resellers use this concept in physical products like cosmetics, clothes, etc, where the final consumer doesn’t get to know who the actual hemp clothing wholesaler is.
Yes you can. Being the most technologically advanced hemp clothing wholesaler and supplier of the country, we offer all kinds of hemp fabrics and supply to some of the leading hemp clothes and garments manufacturers in the world. If you wish to use hemp fabric to create apparel or any other kinds of hemp-based products, get in touch with our team, and we’ll explain how we can fulfill your needs. We offer white-labeling service as well, wherein we can design and manufacture products as per your specifications, in a way so that you can simply ‘brand’ it as your own. This flexibility makes the Hemp Foundation a flexible hemp clothes wholesale supplier.
You go out into the sun; and the sun’s UV (Ultraviolet) rays hit you! While these rays aren’t bad in entirety – they enhance your Vitamin D, make your bones & muscles strong – but overexposure to UV rays is quite harmful for the skin. They can even cause skin cancer! Yes, sunscreen does protect your skin; but suitable clothing would be even more effective. And, all types of clothing aren’t capable of protecting your skin against UV rays to the same extent. Hemp clothing is an excellent option to protect yourself from UV rays. As responsible hemp clothing wholesalers and manufacturers from India, we conducted extensive tests on our hemp fabric; and, to our great satisfaction, we found out that hemp clothing – wet or dry – effectively blocks out more than 99% of UV-A & UV-B rays. That puts hemp in the top league with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50+ outdoors – thus ensuring the wearer is well-protected against UV rays. So wear our hemp clothes – and go for that trek, or rock climbing, or relaxing by the pool or on the beach, without worrying about those dangerous UV rays! We’re among the few hemp clothing companies in India that guarantee UV protection with our high quality products. Try them out.
To make sure we are able to fulfil your orders without delays and at a price point that suits you, we encourage you to order above a certain minimum order quantity. We’re the preferred hemp clothing wholesalers and suppliers for leading importers in the world; that said, we still strive to keep our MOQs sufficiently low so that first time customers can try our products out, when ordering in bulk. We will happily fulfil bulk hemp clothing wholesale orders with at least 200 pieces of each clothing style. This makes sure that all the specialized manufacturing costs are absorbed and we are able to deliver a high quality product at a reasonable price, and within a short duration of time.
We try our best to deliver your hemp clothing order as fast as possible. Usually it takes 3-7 working days for the order to reach destination after dispatch. Delivery charges are included in the product’s purchase price. Therefore, you need not pay the delivery person separately. In case you have some emergency or you simply wish to receive the product earlier than usual, you can always contact us and inform us about the priority. You can reach us at [email protected]. Here, you will be asked to pay priority shipping charges. Once you are done, we will proceed and make sure that you receive your order on time.
All the cutting, designing, wholesale and manufacturing for our hemp clothes is carried out in New Delhi. Being the hub for commerce in India, the city offers a well-established network of supply chain partners and logistics service providers, which empower us to deliver products throughout the world.