Wear Hemp To Heal The Earth: 5 Compelling Arguments.


Your clothing choices are directly related to the well-being of this planet that we call home. Hemp clothes can heal the Earth. Don’t believe it? Here are five compelling arguments to convince you.

You wake up one morning and get dressed.

You know your clothes are slowly healing the planet. 

The years of damage that you, me, and the society have done to Earth are being repaired.

The future doesn’t seem bleak anymore. 

You are happy that your efforts are helping.

No, it isn’t a dream or a fragment of our imagination.

No sorcery is involved.

All of it is possible.

It is waiting to happen.


Yes, the wait is for you to accept, adopt and appreciate HEMP.


Marijuana’s cousin? Yes. They come from the same family of plants, Cannabis Sativa.

Isn’t it illegal? No. Industrial hemp used in making clothes is perfectly legal.

Won’t it give you high? Not. Hemp has a THC content of less than 0.3%. It isn’t psychoactive.

Still not convinced how hemp — a weed-like plant that stands shrouded in stigma — can help heal the planet?

Here are five compelling reasons to convince you.

  1. Hemp Enhances The SOIL

Most crops take up minerals and resources from the soil, stripping it clear of any nutrients. Hemp doesn’t. Instead, it revitalizes the soil.

That’s why hemp crops can be grown on the same piece of land for up to two decades.

Did you know studies revealed that hemp could clean the soil that was contaminated with sewage?

Scientists also found out that hemp helped clean the soil in Chernobyl by ridding it of nuclear contaminants and toxins. The process is called Phytoremediation.

Also, hemp has long roots. They break down large chunks of soil and prepare it for the next sowing season. All this while binding the soil and preventing erosion.

Hemp also has thick foliage. Thus, it prevents weed growth. No need to spray the field with agrochemicals.

No need to feed the soil with poison.

Also, it is recyclable and biodegradable. Hemp clothes won’t land in a landfill.

  1. Hemp Saves WATER

Hemp requires only half the amount of water as compared to thirsty cotton.

It is mostly rainfed.

You’ll never have to build dams to cultivate hemp.

Water pollution? Hemp stops that too.

Pesticide-laden water from farms that runs off to the ocean and streams is the biggest pollutant.

Hemp doesn’t even need pesticides. It is a resilient, naturally disease-free crop.

It would thrive even without chemicals.

No chemicals used on farms = no hazardous runoff to water bodies.

  1. Hemp Purifies The AIR

Each tonne of hemp can eliminate 1.63 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. The process is called carbon sequestration.

And that amount is four times the amount of carbon dioxide that trees take up from the atmosphere.

That means hemp can potentially cut down carbon emissions, reverse climate change and undo global warming.

  1. Hemp Will YOU Happy And Healthy

You are a part of the planet – hemp helps you too.

  • Hemp is antimicrobial.
  • The fabric breathes well.
  • It has a UPF of 50+, which means it will save you from the UV rays of the sun.
  • Hemp resists mold and mildew.

That’s how wearing hemp will keep you healthy.

How will it keep you happy?

  • The fabric is comfortable.
  • It doesn’t crease.
  • It is four times stronger than cotton. That makes it durable with minimum wear and tear.
  • It dries quickly and is water-resistant.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is available in several natural colors and can even be dyed easily.
  • It is versatile and blends well with other fabrics.

The perfect type of cloth – needs less care and still looks and feels good, always.

  1. Hemp Serves The SOCIETY

Hemp offers a sustainable livelihood to the underprivileged.


Through companies like Hemp Foundation, for example.

The company grows hemp in the Indian Himalayan Region, providing employment and a sense of worth to the villagers in the area.

Women who grow, process, spin, weave, stitch and pack hemp clothes become financially independent and confident.

These reasons should have sent you running to buy hemp clothes.

If you are still here, don’t wait anymore.

Go shop for hemp clothing today and start doing your bit in healing the Earth.



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