Sudha – Fish in The Ocean Double Layer Pure Hemp Face Cover



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Who doesn’t love sitting on a beach and soaking in the fresh sea air, or go snorkeling to view the amazing marine life? You may do that from morning to evening and yet, not have had enough of it.

It is painful to know that the exotic marine life we knew all along is facing an existential threat because of the callous attitude of most humans, if not all.

The data is self-describing

Do you know rivers dump 1.15 to 2.41 million tons of plastic into the oceans each year? The colossal mass of the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP)in the Pacific Ocean is approximately 80,000 tons.

This data drops hints about the severity of the situation and calls for quick remedies.

One of these remedies is hemp, the wonder crop.

Hemp brings in multiple advantages to marine life

Made from biodegradable polymers, hemp-derived plastic can be recycled for indefinite period and get decomposed in just 3-6 months, compared to the usual plastic which has a shelf-life of hundreds of years.

Moreover, hemp plastic is chemical-free which means it is non-hazardous to aquatic animals even if it enters the seas.

Hemp crop absorbs excessive carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, thus reducing the process of global warming. Reduced carbon footprint brings down the ocean temperature, which also prevents ocean acidification.

An organically made mask handcrafted by Kedar Valley women

Sudha is a one-of-its-kind hemp mask produced with hemp sourced from Kedar Valley in Uttarakhand. Hemp Foundation has been encouraging the farmers to cultivate hemp and working to connect them with the global economy.

This hemp mask is the handwork of poor, hilly women, coming across as a specimen of their craft.

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