Mohini – Flower vine Double Layer Pure Hemp Face Cover



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Snow-laden peaks of the Himalayas have always been special for trekkers and nature lovers across the globe. These spectacular mountain slopes made the perfect winter trek, instilling an urge in millions to explore the place.

Himalayan slopes are fast losing their character

Unfortunately, you can now be no sure of these Himalayan peaks retaining their character when you visit them next time. A global phenomenon like global warming has had a deleterious effect on the Himalayan ecosystem. Glaciers are steadily receding and many of these are likely to vanish in the coming decades.

Don’t you feel these peaks are calling upon us to leave the callous attitude that took things to such a state? Isn’t it high time we chuck the tendency of being so careless towards our environment and begin caring for Mother Nature which has always been so nurturing to us?

Handcrafted masks made by diligent women of a hilly Indian state

Mohini mask has been handcrafted by diligent yet poor women of Uttarakhand, a hilly state in India. While their husbands and other men in the family had left for the closest towns for work, they were left alone and finding hard to fend for themselves. Hemp Foundation moved in here to connect them with the global financial system and earn money while staying at home.

Made of hemp fabric, Mohini is friendly for your skin as well as the environment. Hemp is a super-crop that has garnered a lot of traction in recent years, thanks to its numerous advantages to human health as well as the ecosystem where we breathe in.

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