Mahadevi – Feel of Nature Double Layer Pure Hemp Face Cover



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Flowers have the beauty and innocence to make anyone feel speechless. These eye-pleasing pretty things are true wonders of nature.

Existence of hundreds of flower species is under threat

Unfortunately, hundreds of these beautiful flowers are under severe threat due to human-made phenomenon like global warming and rapidly degrading environment. All of us are collectively responsible for making it this bad. The flurry of destruction has reached its tipping point and it is critical we alter the way we have been living and stop harming Mother Nature.

Hemp Foundation has been working hard to make people understand their blunder and befriend nature.

Take immediate steps to reverse the situation

This handcrafted, eco-friendly hemp mask has been designed to remind you of the urgency of the situation. The hemp used for producing this unique mask has been grown in Uttarakhand, a hilly state of India, known for its long-standing tradition of producing crops organically.

Hemp is extraordinary vegetation that has garnered plenty of attention in recent years. It consumes significantly less water compared to cotton and makes a fabric with a skin-friendly texture. Moreover, these masks are directly linked to the livelihood of scores of remote Uttarakhand villages.

Empower the womenfolk of Uttarakhand

At Hemp Foundation, we believe the women are like the roots of the trees, and empowering a woman is like strengthening the entire community. These Mahadevi masks have been diligently drafted by the laborious women of remote Kedar Valley villages.

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