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At Hemp Foundation, we recognized how the qualities of hemp could change lives and transform the world. To tap the ancestral wisdom of the daily lives in the hills, we cultivated a dedicated community of hemp farmers. We assisted them with the material and technical support, sourced hemp from them, manufactured the fabric, and took the mask made with this fabric to the world.

When you buy a mask from us, you don’t get a piece of fabric from us, but also become a catalyst for a positive change in a remote part of the Himalayas.

Buy now this hemp mask and trigger the turnaround.

Gauri was made for a reason

We have made this charming mask Gauri to make the world aware of the beautiful Valley of Flowers. Nestled in Uttarakhand, India, this splendid valley introduces you to a sweeping view of a carpet of flowers. This charming meadow of alpine flowers is a dream-place for every nature lover.

Valley of Flowers under severe threat

However, this picturesque valley, we all are proud of, is facing a serious challenge. If we still refuse to take notice and not get determined to thwart the challenge, this threat will change the ecosystem of the Himalayas and destroy the endless variety of plants there.

You want your beloved valley to be there next time you visit it, don’t you? None of us wants to lose this valley forever. Stand up now and do your bit to save the valley.

Global warming – the cause of deleterious changes in the ecosystem

Global warming is the biggest threat today to the existence of the Valley of Flowers. This phenomenon is the cause of intensifying rainfall, flooding, droughts, and hurricanes. Continually rising temperatures alter the amount of moisture in soils, the presence of nutrients, and water retention, sparking off an irreversible change in the plant pattern.


How hemp can reverse the process of warming

Hemp is a major plant that can play a major role in backpedaling global warming. It can act as a carbon store, absorbing atmospheric CO2 and controlling the process of warming. Using hemp products will encourage the production of hemp, thus boosting the reabsorption of CO2.

Thanks to its extraordinary qualities, hemp can interact with the internal environment of a human body or human-made structure in a way that inorganic materials cannot do. An insulating material, hemp has an amazing capacity of absorbing and releasing water vapor. Not only does it take moisture out of the air but also stabilizes a body or building’s internal temperature.

What all your purchase of a hemp mask purchases

Every hemp mask you buy encourages the farmers to live in the Himalayan slopes to cultivate hemp. With a small amount of money you spend to buy a few masks, you support a livelihood to the hills, contribute to preserving the alluring Valley of Flowers and sustain this heritage to our coming generations.

A little action of yours may impact the world on a large scale so do use the products that are sustainable. Your decision to buy Gauri may be a small expenditure of yours, but it will play a major role in sustaining our environment.

Reasons galore to buy a hemp mask

And here is another reason for taking home Gauri. It is made of hemp fabric that grows on the unblemished waters of the Himalayas. Moreover, pesticides are a strict no-no in this part of the Himalayas, making this hemp of extraordinary quality.

Do you need more reasons to buy a hemp mask?

Buy Gauri now!

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