Ganga – Touch of Sea Double Layer Pure Hemp Face Cover



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Ganga – It is the second-largest or the largest river in India, flowing from Gangotri to the Bay of Bengal. It is so pious that it is worshipped as a Goddesses but now due to our callous way of consumption this Ganga has become impure.

Ganga up and down the hills – the difference in people’s approach is telling

The reason we have named this mask Ganga is that people in the Himalayan region where we grow our hemp (Uttarkhand) care for the river as their mother. They never throw garbage or use detergent and care for others but as soon as the river flows down below hills, people have a different approach. If you compare the Ganga in the hills till Rishikesh to Ganga from Rishikesh to Patna, you will be appalled.

Save Ganga

We have designed these masks to appeal on behalf of the Hilly people to you to care for the mother river otherwise it will keep degrading at the same rate. Protect it from becoming a dead river in a few years like the Yamuna. Save Ganga.

How the hemp masks can reinvigorate the river

These biodegradable masks do not harm nature and indirectly help the river flow with more vigor. Hemp takes 10 times less water than cotton, which makes it much more nature-friendly. Hemp we source from Uttarakhand hills is produced without using pesticides. Cotton, on the other hand, is grown with lots of pesticides, which eventually flow into the river and kill marine animals and plants.

Continual degradation of the river was painful

The raw sewage and industrial wastage flowing from towns and villages lining the Ganga from Rishikesh to Howrah not only squeezed life in the oceans but also made it hard for humans dependent on the river.

The careless attitude of the humans has harmed the river ecosystem severely.

We didn’t hesitate to turn Ganga, believed to bring moksha, into a drain. Today, out of the ten rivers which carry more than 90% of the total plastic debris into the ocean worldwide, one is the Ganga.

To see a civilizational river getting destroyed with pesticides and all was always agonizing.

The turnaround – we have to make it happen

Hemp Foundation has come up with nature-friendly masks that can be used for as many times as you can. Hemp fabric, used to make the mask, not only shields your body from the bad air, but also protects the environment from the deleterious effects of one-time-use masks.

Hemp is the natural vegetation of Uttarakhand, where we source our hemp from. It has been growing from time immemorial, drawing water from a pure Ganga, when industrial waste and plastic didn’t even come into being.

Here is a population that takes pride in not using pesticides, be it hemp or any other crop. This attitude reflected itself in the state government introducing the Organic Agriculture Act (2019) and criminalizing usage of agrochemicals in selected areas.

Using this mask, you know you are using something that is refreshingly pure, coming right out of nature. It symbolizes your harmonious relationship with nature.

Help someone in a remote corner in the hills

What is more, you feel elated feeling every mask you buy helps a needy person out there in the hills, making their life a bit comfortable.

Buy your Ganga mask now and support us in our mission.

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