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• They’ll keep bread, buns, and muffins warm. • They can be taken to peaceful protests with signs and slogans printed or embroidered on them. • Bathroom and kitchen shelves can be lined with tea towels. • They make for excellent placemats and guest towels in the bathroom. • A fine bottle of wine can be wrapped in a hemp tea towel with a classy design. • Tea towels can also be used to pack homemade cookies to be sent across as gifts. • They are pretty and perfect for gracing the living room walls as decoration. • Sending someone a message on a tea towel is also an acceptable use case. It isn’t ordinary, and that’s what makes it special. • And they make for a perfect gift to the hostess or a lovely housewarming present. Did you know even Van Gogh and let out his creativity on tea towels when he ran out of canvas? Now, that’s too many reasons for anyone to not go without tea towels; and for you to place a bulk order with us right away. But why hemp? Well, here are some of the reasons to buy from our hemp tea towel collection and say no to other unsustainable fabric options. • Hemp is a natural fabric with high absorbency. The primary purpose of a dish towel is to dry dishes or keep stuff and surfaces clean. Hemp, with its high absorbency, serves the purpose perfectly. • A tighter weave is another one of hemp fabric’s qualities that make it perfect for making tea towels. Tighter the weave, better would be the tea towel’s ability to soak up stuff and keep things that are wrapped inside it warm. • Also, it is a naturally antimicrobial fabric. It resists mold and mildew too. It is perfect for cleaning the counter or dishes or even soaking up a big spill without any worry about it being unhygienic. • Plus, hemp dries fast. No need to worry about tea towels taking forever to dry. They’d dry soon and can be quickly used again. • Hemp isn’t a coarse material anymore. Processing makes it smooth and comfortable to touch, making sure there’s no rough feeling on use. What Makes Hemp Foundation’s Hemp Tea Towels The Best Option? When you place a wholesale order for hemp tea towels with us, you don’t just get the goodness of hemp. You also get Hemp Foundation’s quality assurance, trust, and a few extra perks. • With Hemp Foundation, you don’t have to worry about the purity and sustainability of your hemp dish towel. Our entire production process is clean and eco-friendly, from the farms in the Indian state of Uttarakhand to your doorstep. • Want to test with a small shipment? We’d ship as little as a hundred pieces too. You can place a small order, check the quality and be satisfied with the product first. And then load your store or online shop with hemp tea towels sourced from us. • We also offer custom packaging, just give us a call, and we’ll do whatever we can to ease your repackaging woes by making the original packaging fit your brand image. • Have a design in mind that you don’t see displayed here? We might just be able to tweak our production process to produce exactly what you need. Our process is flexible and expandable, which gives us the liberty to meet all your custom hemp tea towel needs with ease. If you are sick of mediocre products and false claims of sustainability, we would like to show you how we aren’t one of those pseudo environmentalists and fake hemp evangelists. Our hemp tea towels are made with love in the Indian Himalayan Region. We grow our own hemp. The TLC content is less than 0.3%, which means you won’t ever land in a legal hot soup if you trust us. And we employ local villages, mostly women, throughout the production process. We don’t just give our customers tea towels that are beautifully designed and help the environment. We also give several people a source of livelihood and a sense of self-worth and independence. Women who would have otherwise been without jobs and no financial independence are now growing hemp, processing it, and turning it into classy hemp tea towels, with Hemp Foundation backing them at each step. And we hate compromising as much as you do. That’s why we have a range of exquisite patterns and embroideries on our tea towels to give you a wide choice. Cannot wait to lay your hands on these nature-friendly hemp tea towels that also happen to be uplifting the marginalized members of the society? We can ship your order via air or water (whichever is faster) so that you don’t have to wait anymore.