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We are Hemp Designer Home Furnishing Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Home Furnishing Distributer. Our Hemp Home Furnishings To the surprise of many, Hemp has become a source of exquisite home furnishings. Called a marvel plant, hemp can be turned into exotic décor used for beefing up the interiors. A plant that was once announced as something exclusive for hippies is now in news for making the furnishings. Hemp furnishing products that we roll out are intrinsically linked to the daily life of numerous poor villagers in remote areas of Uttarakhand. Thanks to hemp, life has returned to hundreds of hamlets in Kedar valley. These are the same villages that were abandoned by the inhabitants for want of employment and means of livelihood. At Hemp Foundation, we studied the reasons for this mass migration and found how hemp could resolve the imbroglio. Hemp had been the natural vegetation of the region. However, it was banned due to the lies spread by the cotton lobby. People have now recognized the immense benefits of hemp and it is slowly returning to the economic mainstream. Hemp Foundation is a Designer home furnishing manufacturer and Distributor. One of the many uses of hemp is furnishings. Hemp fabric can be used for producing these wonderful chairs, couches, curtains, pillows, and much more. There are no tabs on what you can do with hemp fabrics. Hemp has strong fibers that can be transformed into twine and woven into different décor products. Though hemp fabric is coarse in raw form, it gets softened after processing. Home furnishing products made of hemp are sustainable and yet, bedeck their homes in the best way possible.