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This exquisite hemp wallet available for wholesale has been produced using hemp growing with 100% organic farming methods with pure Himalayan waters. What makes these Wallets even more special is the contribution of abject poor but very talented women. Working with the active support of Hemp Foundation, a renowned wholesaler, Manufacturer, and hemp wallet distributer, these women create bags and wallets that are not an iota behind other products in quality. All the hard work is not for a mortal Bulk supplier and Manufacturer like Hemp Foundation, but the uplift of the hundreds of Uttarakhand villages. The campaign is to get respect for the women who were left back in the villages to fend for themselves. The focus is on getting prosperity into these villages are the top wallet wholesale supplier globally. We deliver the best quality wallet across the globe. Get in touch with us and know more about our Hemp wallet. We also work in custom hemp wallet manufacturing and wholesale on low MOQ also hemp wallet distributer and bulk suppliers in the whole US, UK, and Australian market A big factor that takes hemp several yards ahead of other fabrics is that is completely biodegradable. Quite opposite to several fabrics which would keep polluting the environment for decades or even centuries, hemp with become part of the environment in a few weeks or months. Women, 50% of the populace, were part of this journey right from the start. Doing their bit in producing the hemp bags earned them the respect and recognition they were always worthy of.