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Hemp women’s pants

Acquire the perfect confident stance with our sustainable hemp woman pants offering you a gracious, tall and powerful appeal. This pair of pants effortlessly adds an element of chutzpah to anything it is paired with. Styling options galore; wear them with a kurta for a casual home day or put on your favourite spaghetti top to gain those stunning looks. Of course, you can wear it with your regular shirt to complement a perfect corporate dress. These pants are fabricated with pure, organic hemp farmed, harvested, and crafted by the villagers of hilly areas.

Why out hemp pants:

Made with hemp these pants are extremely comfortable and frequent stretching doesn’t affect their strength. Hemp has the natural quality to offer warmth in the winter while keeping you cooler during summer. It means no more discomfort during those long hours of desk work or going on long journey hours. Carefully crafted crotch and knee areas promote quick movements without chafing your skin against the cloth. Hemp fabric offers sufficient breathing space to help your skin breathe freely and cushions your delicate skin against harm. Being equipped with an excellent absorbing capability these pants are great to wear during summers. Hemp is also a natural odour repellent. Available in both retail and wholesale these pants also enable you to help the environment conservation. Wearing these pants isn’t only about style and looks but it is also an endeavour to save beautiful Indian hilly villages from being deserted. Hemp fabric has a unique feature. When you wear shirts made of hemp, it allows your skin to breathe freely. Thanks to hemp fabric, your skin is also protected against harm. The fact that hemp is a natural odour repellent serves you particularly well in the summer season.

Getting for you impeccable pants, while reversing carbon footprint

Hemp Foundation is a socially and environmentally oriented institution that is successfully contributing towards reversing carbon footprint and encouraging villagers to find sustainable employment. Using the native crop Hemp as a changemaker the organization has empowered many villagers, particularly women, to start cultivating hemp while rural women craft awesome garments with hemp fabric.