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Wearing uncomfortable underwear is a one-way ticket to a ruined day. Most popular underwear brands promise comfort, which some deliver. But then the pair rips in a few short weeks. You need underwear that can do it all. It needs to be comfortable, durable, and moisture-wicking. And hemp is one of the few materials that checks all those boxes (and more).

What Makes Men’s Hemp Underwear So Special?

It Is Antibacterial Hemp fabric is one of the only naturally antibacterial fabrics. Hemp underwear will prevent odor-causing bacteria from staying on the surface. You will feel fresher for longer, even after a day filled with activity. It will also improve the overall health of your skin. Keeps Moisture At Bay Hemp can absorb more moisture than any other fabric. That’s a big wave goodbye to underwear sweat. Moisture in your underwear is the primary cause of Jock Itch, a painful fungal infection. Having underwear that absorbs excess moisture is the perfect remedy. Hemp Is Strong And Durable No matter the fancy fabric softener we use, or the tender hand-wash we give the underwear, these garments have the nasty habit of developing holes. But, hemp is up to the challenge. Hemp underwears are more durable than other kinds. The fabric is very tightly woven, so repeated wash does not harm the knit. In fact, hemp men’s underwears get softer with every wash. Hemp Is Sustainable Knowing you’re saving the Earth is a powerful feeling. And to be able to do it just by wearing hemp underwear? That’s a big win. An acre of hemp requires less water to cultivate than an acre of cotton. It also produces almost three times more fiber than cotton. Hemp cultivation does not require chemicals, so the soil’s pH isn’t altered. Nor is biodiversity harmed. And more impressive of all, hemp is a carbon-negative crop. It removes CO2 from the atmosphere. Yes, you read that right. Hemp is the ultimate fabric to switch to, and Hemp Foundation is making the transition easier. Why Buy Men’s Hemp Underwear From Hemp Foundation? Hemp Foundation is a supplier and wholesaler of hemp men’s underwear. They also make a variety of other hemp products. It is the best place to source hemp underwear for your retail store. Here are some reasons why: Order MOQs: Hemp Foundation can deliver orders of even 100 pieces. This will allow retailers to establish hemp underwear as a valuable purchase with their customers. Once they do, retailers can then place bulk orders of hemp men’s underwear. Custom Packaging Most wholesalers pack orders in a lot of plastic and call it a day. You then have to spend time repackaging everything. Hemp Foundation will be able to pack your order in custom bags that better reflect your brand’s voice. All you need to do is get on a call with us and place your request. Fast Shipping Your bulk men’s hemp underwear order can be shipped by air or water. Larger orders are typically shipped by water. But, you can request air shipping to receive the products quicker. Available Designs  Currently, Hemp Foundation makes two types of hemp men’s underwear: Briefs and Boxer Briefs. It is made with plain black hemp fabric that is simple and neat. But, if you prefer colors or patterns on the fabric, you can request that too. When placing your bulk hemp men’s underwear order, specific any changes you would like. Hemp Foundation will be quick to deliver on them. Ethical Business  Yes, profits are what keeps the business going. But the people and the environment are placed on a higher pedestal here at Hemp Foundation. The following are some of the efforts undertaken by the Hemp Foundation for the betterment of the Earth and the lives on it. Barren Land Reclamation Uttarakhand is filled with cultivable land that has been abandoned. This may be for a lack of suitable crops or a lack of funds to cultivate. The climate and land in Uttarakhand are perfect for growing hemp. Since the cultivation of hemp was legalized in India, Hemp Foundation has been working to increase awareness about the crop. Cultivating hemp is the ideal way to reclaim abandoned land and restore life to the area. Women Employment and Empowerment The men in many Uttarakhand villages have migrated to cities in search of a livelihood. Therefore, the villages are largely inhabited by women. Hemp Foundation puts these women to work. They are taught important marketing and hemp-agro skills. Women-centered self-help groups are also encouraged by the Hemp Foundation. As a result, the women become financially independent. They get to have a say in family matters. Reverse Migration Uttarakhand has a high volume of rural-urban migration. By creating an income opportunity with hemp, the Hemp Foundation is attempting to reverse migrate the population. The effects of this are plenty. It leads to increased soil fertility, higher state-GDP, and a thriving ecology. There should be no doubt in your mind about hemp men’s underwear. Place your bulk orders with Hemp Foundation. Sources: