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What Makes Hemp The Best Material For Socks? As we all know, feet get sweaty, and therefore, socks become stinky. Well, hemp fabric has some of the best qualities to keep the odor at bay. • Hemp is antimicrobial, so odor-causing bacteria don’t stay on your feet. • Hemp is extremely absorbent. As sweaty as your feet become, the socks work extra hard to keep you comfortable. It is also mold-resistant. • Hemp can retain heat and shield you from UV rays, making hemp socks perfect for use in cold climates. • You will no more sit in frustration about the big hole on the sock-thumb since hemp socks are super durable. Buying Hemp Socks In Bulk From Hemp Foundation You’re now convinced about the merits of hemp socks. But before you buy hemp socks in bulk, you may need to try some of them. That’s why Hemp Foundation, a wholesaler of hemp socks, is delivering an MOQ of even 100 pieces. But watch out, these will sell out quickly. To add hemp socks to your catalog immediately, we can deliver them by air. But, bulk hemp socks orders are better delivered via waterways. And for even more convenience, Hemp Foundation can pack socks in custom packaging. This way, the time taken for repackaging before retail is eliminated. Socks As A Fashion Statement For many years, the length and design of your socks dictated your social status. Though that has long since passed, fun socks are still around. That’s why at Hemp Foundation, you can customize hemp sock designs for wholesale purchases. Our fabric experts and design team can create any pattern, eccentric or somber, to your liking. You can also get the socks made in a mix of fabrics if that is your preference. This will then be produced by our Mandakini women weavers within a matter of weeks and be ready for delivery. Hemp For A Cause According to Hemp Foundation, hemp is more than just the solution to the climate change crisis. Hemp is also the best source of livelihood for thousands of people in Uttarakhand. The land and climate in Uttarakhand are perfect for growing hemp. Hemp also has the power to rejuvenate the soil and restore biodiversity. This is Hemp Foundation’s main vision. Here is how the vision is being willed into reality. Hemp Foundation For Women Empowerment • Hemp Foundation helps form and employs women-centered self-help groups. • Throughout the process of cultivation and production, the efforts are being led by women. • Women are taught marketing and hemp-agro skills to strengthen their position in the economic ladder. The men in many Uttarakhand villages have migrated in search of a job. So by employing the remaining women in the villages, an additional source of income is generated. The social standing of women in their families is also improved. Hemp Foundation For Environmental Reform The hemp crop is a sustainable alternative to many of the world’s food and fashion needs. Here are 6 reasons: • Hemp can be cultivated twice a year and produces more fiber than cotton. • It also requires less water, chemical pesticides, and fertilizers than cotton. • Hemp fabric is more durable than cotton. So it can withstand more washes. • Hemp farming is naturally organic, so the soil and ecosystem aren’t adulterated with chemicals. • While farming, hemp takes out more CO2 than is emitted. It is a carbon-negative crop. • Hemp seed is a good source of nutrition and is a better vegan alternative than almond or oat milk. Beyond this, Hemp Foundation is committed to reclaiming barren land in Uttarakhand and transforming it into cultivable fields. By doing this, migration is reversed, the economy strengthened, and ecology restored. All of our clothing items are named after an endangered animal species. The socks are named Wolverine. This will be a reminder to the wearers that by choosing hemp, they are aiding the efforts of conservation. These should be reason enough for you to buy a bulk order of hemp socks. Place your orders now and get your customers hooked. Bonus points: you can feel good about yourself. Sources:,socks%20(%22udones%22).