Why Buy Hemp Tops? Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly materials. It is also softer and lasts longer than cotton. So, the next time you’re out, consider buying a hemp top instead. Here are 7 reasons why hemp tops are superior. • Hemp grows faster and produces more fiber than cotton. So, effectively, more hemp tops can be made for your collection. • Hemp requires less than one-fourth of the amount of water cotton needs to produce the same amount of material. • Hemp needs next to no chemical pesticides and fertilizers to cultivate. So a top made from hemp will not trigger any skin allergies that other materials may. The health of the cultivated soil is also improved. • Unlike organic cotton, which wears with each wash, hemp gets softer. So after multiple wears, your hemp top will be much softer than a cotton one. • When weaving, the fibers are entwined very closely. This makes the top more durable. It can also be recycled easier than cotton tops. • Hemp fabric is antimicrobial, has better water absorption capabilities than cotton, and keeps odor at bay. So on a hot day out, you won’t need to worry about your hemp top getting pit stains. • Hemp is also excellent at retaining heat and providing protection from UV rays. So a hemp top would be the perfect outfit choice for both the summer and winter. And, the timeless pieces made by Hemp Foundation are the best place to start. Buying Hemp Tops in Bulk from Hemp Foundation Hemp Foundation is a wholesaler of hemp tops, among dozens of other hemp-based products. The hemp tops are made with an 80:20 ratio of hemp and lyocell. Lyocell is a semi-synthetic fabric that helps make the fabric softer to touch and more breathable. The hemp tops are designed keeping the current style statement in mind. If you want a different design that better represents your brand, we can do that too. Sit down with the in-house design team, customize it to your liking, and place your wholesale order of hemp tops. All of our clothing has been named after an endangered animal species. Red Panda, or Snow Leopard for instance. This was done with the intent of reminding the wearers of the effect of human negligence. It is also a reminder that our acts need to be cleaned up, which we’re doing by adopting hemp. We will be able to deliver a minimum order quantity of just 100 pieces. This way, you can introduce hemp to your customers without the worry that the products won’t sell. Once your customers have been wooed by hemp, you can place a hemp tops order in bulk. How Hemp Foundation Goes Beyond the Product Yes, we are passionate about selling hemp. But that is not our only priority. The life and livelihoods of the workers in Uttarakhand are just as important to us. For many years, farming activity has declined in Uttarakhand. The men in many households migrated to cities in search of an income. Little did they know it was right outside their homes. This resulted in hundreds of villages being abandoned. Since the legalization of hemp in India, Hemp Foundation has been striving to reclaim barren and abandoned farming land in Uttarakhand. This has multiple positive outcomes - • The owners of the land have a good source of income from cultivating hemp. • The natural ecosystem of the area is restored by resuming cultivation. • The ghost villages are reclaimed to become thriving places of civilization. Since the men had already moved away, the responsibility of farming fell on those remaining: the women. From crop to final product, the production process is powered by women. Hemp Foundation has helped to form women-centered self-help groups and is imparting useful skills to women. These include skills related to hemp-based agro-industries and marketing. By doing this, these women now have an additional source of income and economic independence. As a result, these families aren’t in poverty anymore. So, by buying from Hemp Foundation, not only are you saving the environment from an imminent catastrophe, but you’re also providing income to hundreds of people in Uttarakhand, India. Sources: https://letmebreathe.in/2020/09/07/how-polluting-is-the-fashion-industry/#:~:text=Many%20of%20those%20fibers%20are,local%20freshwater%20in%20the%20world. https://indohemp.com/blog/hemp-vs-cotton/ https://store.hempfoundation.net/product-category/hemp-clothing/woman/hemp-tops-for-women/