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Hemp Women Coat

An ideal coat should seamlessly mix perfect style, comfort and warmth. It should easily sit on your body – a bit loose can add some mass to your appeal but too loose can hurt your looks. Long fibres, close knitting and handcrafted work give the right level of warmth. As the outermost apparel on your body, it should also have the right style to compliment your personality. Of course, it’s not just a single weather affair, so it needs to be highly durable to bold through many seasons while keeping its warmth or style intact.

Why our hemp coat

This elegant hemp coat fully shields you against the elements no matter how cold it gets outside. Leveraging the goodness of hemp, this all-weather coat can be worn for its flattering silhouette in summers and to remain warm in winters. A must-have for your power-clothing collection, the coat gives you a cosy, comforting touch the whole day long. Equally comforting it is to know that this hemp coat also gives a warmth of hope to the less-privileged villagers of Indian hilly terrains with limited means of income, harsh weather, and limited access and exposure to the outer world. Right from producing and processing the hemp to manufacturing the coat villagers are heavily involved and decently paid for their efforts. Crisp in looks and cosy in its feel, our hemp coats are specially produced with your delicate skin in mind. It offers ample breathing space to your skin pores but at the same time acts as a threshold to keep biting cold from stinging your skin. It doesn’t have that overpowering bulky weight but a lightweight appeal that keeps you active and allows you to move freely. Whether you want to go for a leisurely walk or need to engage in hectic tasks, our coat is a seamless fit for any purpose and in any environment.

Environment-Friendly Process

The coat is available in retail and wholesale by Hemp Foundation, an eco-friendly enterprise, that endeavours to promote sustainable clothing culture to protect the environment, offers livelihood to the people of hilly villages, and reduces the carbon footprint. A socially oriented organization, Hemp Foundation brings forth hemp coat that can thrive in the rough and unpredictable climate of mountainous areas. We promote hemp cultivation and support the processing and manufacturing of hemp products to transform the socio-economic conditions of the population in hilly areas. Moreover, these hemp coats are also connected to the fortunes of poor families in remote, hilly villages.