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We are custom manufacturer of Hemp Body Fit Legging.

We also supply Legging in wholesale to more than 20 countries of the world.
Highlights of our Hemp women body fit legging manufacturing services:
We can work on Custom design, Digital printing, Custom screen printing on hemp legging
Custom Dyes on Hemp Legging.

Available On Low minimum order quantity.

GOTS Certified Natural Dyes Available too.
Custom logo and branding on legging is available too.
Tie and Dye Print on T-shirts possible as well.
If looking for Hemp women T-shirts then visit our another page.
Also Hemp fabric some special properties: 1. Banish body odours with antimicrobial properties of hemp fabric. The breathable fabric fits and feels just like your second skin. 2. Hemp fabric is by default UV-resistant which means all those overtime jogging sessions till late sunny morning will not fade away in color. You can also wash it daily without losing the original hues. At Hemp Foundation, we are committed to bringing a sustainable positive change to this situation by building and increasing demand for native crops like hemp. Whenever you buy hemp products like hemp fabric, you not only gift yourself nature-friendly organic clothes with better durability but also contribute towards empowering these villagers. We educate and train the farmers’ villagers to combine scientific growing methods with their traditional know-how to ensure that they get the best yield out of this farmer-friendly crop, and also buy their produce to manufacture hemp clothing. We also train the women in these villages to produce this activewear out of the hemp in fields.