Hemp Active Wear

Seamlessly blending mobility and fashion statement, our hemp activewear, available in wholesale and retail, is a perfect fit for a hardcore workout or enjoying a well-deserved break at a coffee shop. Just like its fabric the definition of activewear is equally stretchable. In short, it should be comfortable enough to wear during workouts, stylish enough to enter a coffee shop, and light enough to feel like your second skin. And we have found the right balance between looks, comfort, and mobility.

Natural qualities of hemp inspire you to push your limits:

We have harnessed the natural quality of hemp to stay dry for a long time, whether you are going for a walk or want to stretch out your workout sessions. Zero-distraction fitness keeps you focused and inspires you to push your limits. You can test your stamina for hours without that sweaty, sticky feeling. With its strong fibers, hemp activewear is made to last long while the thermo-regulating properties keep your body heat under control. Whether you fancy intense pushups or passionate about Zumba – our Hemp activewear will proactively assist you in your preferred workout method.

Time to expel body odours:

Banish body odours with antimicrobial properties of hemp fabric. The breathable fabric fits and feels just like your second skin. Our activewear range is available in eye-inspiring vivid colors. Smart seams stylize your overall appearance by complimenting your natural body contours without giving an awkward inner look. So yes, you can actually flaunt your activewear at a leisurely walk or visiting a coffee shop…just anywhere with a casual appeal.

UV-resistant features of hemp make color stay:

Hemp fabric is by default UV-resistant which means all those overtime jogging sessions till late sunny morning will not fade away in color. You can also wash it daily without losing the original hues.

Fashion with a mission:

At Hemp Foundation, we are committed to bringing a sustainable positive change to this situation by building and increasing demand for native crops like hemp. Whenever you buy hemp products like hemp fabric, you not only gift yourself nature-friendly organic clothes with better durability but also contribute towards empowering these villagers. We educate and train the farmers’ villagers to combine scientific growing methods with their traditional know-how to ensure that they get the best yield out of this farmer-friendly crop, and also buy their produce to manufacture hemp clothing. We also train the women in these villages to produce this activewear out of the hemp in fields.