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    Hemp is a commonly employed term for the high-growing varieties of Cannabis plant and its products. The products include seed, oil and fibre. After undergoing the process of refinement, hemp seed, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cord, cloth, pulp, paper, and fuel are produced. The organic fabric of hemp is used in place of other fabric including heavy-duty workwear, outerwear, and clothing for adults and children, table linen, bedding, amongst many others.

    The sustainable textiles made of fibers, Hemp fabrics are often blended with organic cotton or bamboo. High in fiber strength as compared to other fibers, the hemp knit fabric is durable and long-lasting. It is a perfect choice for everyday use.

    The most sustainable fiber on this planet, hemp grows quickly by converting a humongous amount of Carbon Dioxide into oxygen and cleansing the surrounding soil and water as it naturally grows. Naturally organic, it does not require chemicals or pesticides to grow well. It is environment and farmer friendly. With positive effects on the environment where it grows, industrial hemp is used to make many premium products. Hemp knit fabric and textiles are naturally endowed with properties that synthetically engineered fabrics aim to achieve.

    The amalgamation of hemp knit textiles and certified organic cotton brings out the best of both fibers. The knit fabric has an elegant yet modern appearance. The attires and outfits cut out from the hemp knit fabric suit any and every occasion and season. The skin-soft, durable and sturdy hemp knit fabric stretches along with the body to provide breathability and insulation to keep the wearer comfortable throughout the day.
    Similar in appearance and with a feel of a linen knit fabric, the hemp knit textiles have a soft fluid drape and a naturally raw look. This fabric has no spandex content and has a fairly low stretch percentage.

    The hemp knit fabric is all we want it to be – light, sturdy, consistent, and soft even after wash. The fabric is eight times more durable than cotton fabric. The consistency of the fabric allows it to hold the shape of the person wearing it. Due to the low stretch percentage, it stretches much less than other natural fibers. If you want to prevent your clothes from going baggy and shapeless, hemp knit fabric is for you. With an inbuilt air conditioning quality, clothes made out of hemp knit textiles keeps you cool during summers and warm in winters.

    Amazingly, with every use, your attire or bag made of hemp knit fabric softens without losing its strength and sturdiness. The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of hemp knit textiles make the clothing and associated accessories a delight to wear. Even if the fabric gets soaked in water, the properties of hemp keep the fabric from going smelly or moldy.

    The unbleached, natural and incredible organic hemp knit textiles at Hemp Foundation is super soft, stretchy, durable and extremely absorbent. While one side of the fabric is smooth and knitted, the other side of the fabric is raised, brushed and has soft loops. Hemp knit fabrics are best for products which require absorbent fabrics such as washcloths, diapers, cloth diapers, baby wipes, pre-fold diapers, soakers, diaper inserts, or any other product that needs high absorption rate.

    The knitted fabric is great for making clothing that would require a heavy, but soft, knit fabric such as jackets, hoodies, blankets, sweatpants, wraps, skirts, leg warmers, pyjamas, or any other.

    All-natural fibers are knit in a way that eventually makes them shrink further but that is not the case with hemp knit fabric. It is, however, recommended to pre-wash the whole yardage of fabric before cutting out your pattern even if the shrinkage may differ from batch to batch.

    Our hemp knit textile is soft, durable, and 100% natural which is devoid of any polyester or synthetic fiber. Our eco-friendly organic hemp knit fiber meets all the stringent compliance standards of safety of phthalates and flammability, and it does not contain any amount of lead. A certificate of trust can be provided on purchase of hemp textile or any other product.

    If you have ever wanted to make hemp clothing a part of your wardrobe, now is your chance. With an appearance and feel similar to that of cotton, this durable hemp knit fabric is eco-friendly, makes high-quality hemp clothes and accessories last years. It is available in a diverse range of colours and patterns. Order now!

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