How Hemp Clothing Protects You from UV Rays

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Some of us just love basking in the sun, soaking in its pleasant warmth. Whereas for others, it is out of compulsion that they have to step out in the scorching heat to do their daily chores. While studies show that moderate or limited exposure to the sun is actually beneficial for your overall health, but laying yourself out too much in the sun has major negative implications on your skin.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

The atmospheric ozone protects all creatures on Earth by blocking solar radiation and absorbing the UV rays. But thanks to human activities, this protective ozone layer has been depleting and thinning over the years now. The inability of the ozone layer to absorb ultraviolet radiation may prove detrimental to the organic matter on this planet.

How do UV rays affect your skin –

  • It may cause skin cancer.
  • It burns your skin, causing sunburns.
  • Prolonged exposure can even cause damage to your eyes, known as ‘Snow Blindness’.
  • It has suppressing effects on the immune system as well; it disrupts the functioning of white blood cells.
  • It leads to ageing of the skin, wrinkles, brown liver spots, etc.

There are many more reasons that make it compulsory to protect your skin from UV rays. Choosing the right skincare products with high amounts of SPF is one of the ways to shield yourself from the harmful UV rays. But is this enough? Are you sure you apply it to your entire body every day? Plus, if you are out in the sun for long, there is always the need to reapply it in a few hours. So, what are your other options? Well, you can cover your skin with UPF clothing.

UPF Clothing

UPF is the abbreviated form for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It indicates the amount of UV radiation, a clothing fabric allows to penetrate through it. Just as the term SPF is used to measure the effectiveness of skincare products, UPF is the term for clothes.

UPF clothing is a simple and safe way to safeguard yourself. It is one of the most effective solutions for controlling the damage caused by UV rays. However, the effectiveness of the fabrics differs based on certain factors. Keep the following points in mind the next time you go apparel shopping –

  • Color of the fabric: If the fabric allows light to pass through it, then it is not ideal for sun protection. It is usually recommended to wear dark-coloured, dry fabrics that are tightly woven. P.S. Dark colors also make you look slim!
  • Fabric Fit: Tight-fitting clothes may stretch and reduce the level of protection offered. It is recommended to wear loose-fit clothes for better protection.
  • Coverage: It goes without saying that the more you cover yourself with clothes, the more you remain protected. Opt for long pants, dresses or skirts or even long-sleeved shirts. The idea of wearing full coverage clothes may seem boring to you. Here are ways in which you can protect your skin and yet look stylish!
  • UPF Ratings and Features: Always check the labels attached to clothes before buying to assure the UPF it provides. The Cancer Council rates clothes with UPF 50 or more as excellent.
  • Finishing Treatments: At the completion stage, some clothes are treated with chemicals and dyes that amplify their UV light absorption capacity.

Switch to Hemp Clothing for Better Protection –

Hemp clothing is made from fiber stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant. With minimal growth requirements, the hemp crop can grow under diverse circumstances. The fabric produced is versatile and immune to shrinkage and pilling. Apart from this, hemp clothing is long-lasting and has anti-microbial properties. It is lightweight, absorbent and more sustainable as compared to its counter fabrics. It is the incredible texture, feel and eco-friendliness of the fabric that makes hemp an ideal choice for clothing.

According to SGS testing, hemp clothing held up 99.9% effective in blocking UV-A and UV-B rays, which makes it the best clothing fabric to protect you from harmful UV rays. Hemp has all the qualities that you expect from a UPF clothing fabric, it blocks more than 50% of UV rays as compared to regular cotton garments. It is organic, hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types and also protects from UV rays! Isn’t that great? What more can you expect from a clothing fabric?

Stepping out in the sun is something you can’t control. But what you can control is how it affects your skin and body. The ability of hemp to block ultraviolet radiation makes it highly suitable for outdoor activities. You don’t need to worry even if you sweat, because its anti-bacterial property prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

Hemp Vs Sunscreen –

Choosing hemp over sunscreen has some substantial benefits, like:

  • Natural & Organic- In contrast to chemically formulated sunscreens, hemp clothing is 100% organic. No matter how much the cosmetic companies pledge sunscreens to be chemical-free, there is always some amount of preservatives involved.
  • No need to worry about reapplication- Sunscreens lose their effectiveness after a few hours in the sun. You are required to re-apply sunscreen to your body every few hours. Whereas, hemp clothing gives overall protection to your body under the sun without worrying about anything.
  • Lets your skin breathe- Hemp clothing is lightweight and porous that lets your skin breathe. However, sunscreens clog the pores on your skin, causing damage to your body.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin- Sometimes people with sensitive skin develop skin problems after using sunscreen because of the chemicals involved. Hemp, on the other hand, is the most suitable fabric for such people. It not only feels great but also gets softer with every wash.

You will never regret investing in hemp clothing, it is a ‘Wonder Fabric’. Many of the fashion brands are switching to hemp to pave the way for sustainable fashion. You can not only choose from a variety of clothing options but there are brands that also produce hemp underwear. Hemp is an incredible fabric with super-amazing qualities. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and fill your closet with this luxury fabric which is available at an affordable price. Start shopping![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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