7 Reasons To Go With Hemp Beanies Instead Of Wool

  • impact On The Soil

Hemp grows naturally in different kinds of soils. Due to its carbon sequestration properties, it leaves the soil replenished with minerals and significantly decreases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So your hemp beanie manufacturers are actually giving back to the Earth.

On the other hand, sheep rearing directly contributes to deforestation. This is because forests are cleared to create industrial grazing fields.

  • Energy and Water Consumption

Hemp grows rapidly in soil without the need for too many resources. The processing is done using manual labor and organic techniques. Hence, it uses no external resources. Hemp beanie wholesalers like us, employ people to weave our products instead of using heavy machinery.

Copious amounts of energy and water are required in the wool industry. Methane is created as a by-product of food waste and sheep excrement.

  • Animal Cruelty

Hemp is cruelty-free. Neither animals nor people are harmed in the process. Being naturally pest-resistant hemp requires no pesticides or fertilizers. Thus the soil remains free of chemicals and toxins. So there is no weight of environmental damage on your head when you wear a hemp beanie.

In the wool industry, sheep are often treated so badly during shearing that they die. To free the wool of pests, sheep are often dipped into pesticide baths before shearing. 

  • Cost Of The Fabric

Hemp is a high-yield cheap fiber. Since it doesn’t consume too many resources its prices don’t hike up all that much. You can buy a lot of hemp beanies without breaking the bank.

Due to the livestock maintenance and intensive processing in the wool industry, prices rack up significantly.

  • Fabric Feel

Hemp is a light and versatile fabric that is gentle on the skin. Because of their breathable nature, hemp beanies can be worn all year round. It provides insulation in the cold and coolness in hot conditions.

Wool is rough and itchy on the skin. A woolen beanie can only be worn in the winter. It is not breathable.

  • Wear and Tear

Hemp is a durable fabric that wears in. The more it is washed and dried, the softer it becomes. Hemp is also antimicrobial, UV resistant, and moisture-wicking. That’s everything you want in a beanie that’s going to stay on your head all day long.

Wool wears out easily. Over time wool loses its texture and strength. Not to mention how attractive it is to moths. 

  • Maintenance Of The Garment

Hemp is a forgiving fabric. You can wash it any way you want. It will neither fade nor weaken over time. Once you buy a hemp beanie, no need to buy another for many years to come.

Since wool stains very easily, it requires handling with care. This usually means dry cleaning. It is both a hassle and environmentally unhealthy.

Purchase Ethically Manufactured Products With Unmatched Convenience From Hemp Foundation

Hemp Foundation is single-handedly bringing about change in the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR). Barren land is reclaimed to cultivate industrial hemp. In this process, local farming communities are provided with economic sustenance. They would otherwise have to migrate for finding work. Our aim is to eliminate poverty in this region.

IHR women are now earning members of their families. Through self-help groups (SHG) these women are educated and trained in the ways of this trade. We are bridging the gender gap, one step at a time.

Engaging in business with Hemp Foundation is not just a smart business decision. Through us, you would be lending a hand in changing people’s lives in the IHR. We are the hemp beanie wholesalers you should choose if you care about this noble cause.

Before you buy hemp beanies from us, you should know of the convenience you can expect as our customer.

  • You can order a small batch of 100 pieces to test out the product. Unlike other hemp beanie manufacturers, we don’t ask you to take a huge financial risk upfront.
  • When you buy bulk hemp beanies you have two options of delivery. Get your products delivered super fast with air shipping. Otherwise, you can go for the standard water shipping as well.
  • Receive your bulk order of hemp beanies custom packaged according to your instructions. Eliminate the hassle of repackaging.
  • If you want a specific style or knit of beanie, just give us a call. Our design and product management team can create just what you want. Get the product of your dreams when you buy hemp beanies from us. 

What Can You Expect From Our Hemp Beanies?

When you buy bulk hemp beanies, quality and utility are of utmost importance. Here are some of the star features of our hemp beanies.

  • Breathable material that doesn’t let your head overheat or sweat. 
  • Covers ears and provides necessary insulation.
  • Anti-slip material. Perfect for activities like hiking, cycling, jogging, skiing, skating, snowboarding, and biking. 
  • 100% hemp beanies that are soft and comfortable to wear for long periods. 
  • Stretchable material so that one-size fits most average-sized heads. 
  • No hassle pull-on closure. 
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use. 
  • Unisex style. Any person across all genders and ages can sport it.
  • Option to customize the knit, size, and color. 

So what are you waiting for? Place your bulk order of hemp beanies with us and reap the fruits of this magic material.