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Water Consumption of the Fashion Industry, At Different Stages? How cutting It Down can Impact the Lives of people

Water Footprint of the Fashion Industry and a Way to Reduce It When buying clothes, people rarely think about the environmental toll it took to make that particular piece of clothing. But the impact of the fashion industry on the environment is a discussion worth having. Water consumption of the fashion & Textile industry has […]

How is Cotton Contributing to Climate Change?

Under the microscope: Green Houses Gases of the Cotton Industry Cotton is killing the climate.  Now, you can say, “but it’s natural, sustainable, reusable, and recyclable.” And we agree. However, did you know?  Source:  Cotton cultivation – You would find it hard to believe but all of that comes from the global cultivation of […]

If Cotton and Polyester is so Bad, Why There is No Other Popular Alternative?

In 2021, 13.5 million hectares of cultivable land were used to grow cotton – in India alone, says this report by the leading analytics firm statista. That figure is not even semi-global in its coverage, yet it is scary to think about– and what’s more, it is expected to increase substantially by 2023. The question […]

Recycled Polyester vs. Recycled Cotton vs Hemp: Who Wins The Sustainability Race?

Recycled Polyester Vs. Recycled Cotton Vs Hemp: What’s Most Sustainable? So, you’re finally jumping on the “Save the earth, reuse and recycle” brigade?  Well then, welcome!  We know what you might be thinking. What is a more sustainable option? Using recycled polyester? Recycled cotton or hemp?  Let us help you solve this dilemma through this […]

How Cotton and Climate change go hand in hand

Your climate is shaped by cotton – explained  When we think about ‘how to stop climate change’, we often focus on transport, food and energy and miss out on the textile industry. let’s see cotton and climate change How to stop global warming climate change In reality, the industry pumps between 1.22 and 2.93 billion tones […]

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