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Toxic Clothing: A HUGE Problem for Us and The Planet

Is Your Clothing Toxic? An Exploration  Our clothes are not 100% fiber. Almost every textile part is synthetically produced with a tone of chemicals. So that we can say that we are surrounded by Toxic Clothing, Fashion and Fabrics Problem for Us and The Planet. Source For all these years, consumers didn’t bat an eye when […]

Low hemp GHG emissions can actually help fashion brands meet their net-zero target

In 2018, under the auspices of UN Climate Change, fashion stakeholders came together to identify ways in which the fashion industry can make a commitment to climate action. This created the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action which contains the vision to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Low hemp GHG emissions net zero fashion brands […]

Your Cotton Cloth May Have Destroyed a Poor Family. Let’s Push The World Together to Make Better Choices.

Can Hemp Fabric Undo The Mess of Cotton Farming? “Cotton is a sustainable fiber.” “Sustainable hemp clothing Problems associated with cotton production” “Cotton farming is a fair trade practice.” “Cotton cultivation is an environment friendly farming practice.” Are you one of the many who believe the above myths? Then take a look at some of […]

How to tackle the greenhouse gas problem of textiles?

You must already be aware of ‘carbon footprint.’ And like the rest of us, you are probably eager to reduce it.  Step one: Swap your existing clothes with ones whose greenhouse gas emissions are low. GHG emissions are the basis of the assessment of carbon footprint. Why? We have to fight these numbers together. You […]

7 Major Fibers & Textiles In The World And Their Carbon Footprint

Ever considered how your clothes affect the environment?  All clothes are made of fibers, but how we buy, wash and discard them makes all the difference.  Unfortunately, about 3% to 6.7% of carbon emissions are caused by the irrational buying of clothes.  Source We mostly overlook this elephant in the room because of easy accessibility, […]

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